Free From Breaded Fish

This free from breaded fish is great for if you love fish in bread crumbs but are unable to have dairy, wheat and Gluten. You can put whatever you want with the fish, i personally enjoy having fish with potatoes and salad. This is super quick and easy to make and tastes delicious. Below I am going to write what i used in the photo above.


Free From Bread,

Cherry Tomatoes,

Fish (Your Choice, i used Salmon)

New potatoes,



Packet Salad. 

(Told you it’s quick and easy to make!)

Firstly i get a couple slices of free from bread and crumble them in to a bowl. Next i add some little chopped up cherry tomatoes to add to it. You can also add some chopped up olives and pop in to the crumbs to, which i love to do. Next i get the piece of fish and pop on to a tray then sprinkle the crumbs on top. Sometimes the crumbs may not stick very well but what i like to do is leave the crumbs that don’t stick to the fish on the tray and then let them cook and crisp up then the pop them on to the fish when everything is cooked. Whilst the fish is in the oven i then get the potatoes ready and boil in a pan until soft. (I usually keep the potatoes cooking until the fish is done, you can keep them on a  low heat heat if they are done before the fish.) Usually i cook the fish for about 30 mins or its up to you really how long you like to cook fish for. Next i start to prepare the salad. I used packed salad for this and then added tomatoes, cucumbers and sweetcorn to it. (The little purple bits you see in the salad isn’t onion it is purple cabbage, as everything i make and eat has to be onion and onion powder free.) Once the fish is cooked i then just take it out the oven and pop on to a plate with the salad and then add the new potatoes. 


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