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“Alexandra Mountbatten had common sense. That’s what her friends believed. The truth was, Alex had no sense at all – at least, not when it came to charming gentlemen with roguish green eyes.” – The Governess Game.

You’ve probably already guessed and known from my previous book review that I have a bit of a thing for romance novels! They are one of my guilty pleasures. But one I should definitely not feel guilty for. Being a single girl, I still like to have some romance in my life, so I do so with reading books. My collection of romance novels and on my Kindle is growing! I love getting stuck into the romance between two characters destined to be together and following their journey together, no matter how cheesy the book may be! The cheesier the better I say! Today’s brand new book review is The Governess Game by Tessa Dare, book 2 of the Girl Meets Duke series. I am very honoured to be taking part in The Governess Game blog tour. I was very kindly sent a copy of this book to read and review for Clem Loves. As soon as I saw that Tessa had written this brand new novel, I couldn’t wait to read it. So as you can imagine I was very happy and excited when I was asked if I would like to take part in The Governess Game blog tour. I absolutely loved Tessa’s previous novel, The Duchess Deal. You can read my review here. There’s also an extract from the book too on the post, so be sure to check it out and give it a read. Like The Duchess Game, this is a truly brilliant novel, both charming and captivating.

Clem Love The Governess Game

About the book.

“The accidental governess…

After her livelihood slips through her fingers, Alexandra Mountbatten takes on an impossible post: transforming a pair of wild orphans into proper young ladies. However, the girls don’t need discipline. They need a loving home. Try telling that to their guardian, Chase Reynaud. The ladies of London have tried—and failed—to make him settle down. Somehow, Alexandra must reach his heart . . . without risking her own.

The infamous rake…

Like any self-respecting libertine, Chase lives by one rule: no attachments. When a stubborn little governess tries to reform him, he decides to prove he can’t be tamed. But Alexandra is more than he bargained for: clever, perceptive, passionate. She refuses to see him as a lost cause. Soon the walls around Chase’s heart are crumbling . . . and he’s in danger of falling, hard.”

About the author.

“Tessa Dare is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty historical romances. Her books have won numerous accolades, including Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award (twice) and the RT Book Reviews Seal of Excellence. A librarian by training and a book lover at heart, Tessa makes her home in Southern California, where she lives with her husband, their two children, and a trio of cosmic kittens.”

Clem Love The Governess Game

Don’t worry I’m not giving too much away, as I don’t want to spoil the book for you if you haven’t read it yet. The beginning of the story just made me fall in love with this book even more. Picture the setting, Alexandra, one of the main characters in this book, is looking in a bookshop, for a book she has longed to find. With one too many books in her hand and a collision, the books fall to the floor and there picking the books up is a handsome man. How perfect is this setting!? Chase Reynaud exits the bookshop and Alexandra thinks that she will not have to see this man again after that awkward and embarrassing encounter. But as Alexandra makes her way to a house, unbeknown to her is actually where Chase Reynaud lives (the man who she had an awkward encounter with). As she walks through the door and before Chase looks to see who has just walked into his home, he automatically assumes it is the woman who left her stocking behind! It also becomes apparent that he does not remember the incident in the bookshop or remember Alexandra, which she is very pleased about. As Chase realises this isn’t the woman who he thought has just walked in and this isn’t clearly a man who Alexandra wants to work for, Alexandra lets that be known to Chase and tells him what she really thinks!

After having many other governesses leave and quit, in order to try and get Alexandra to stay, he tells her not only do the children need her, but he needs her too. For a start, Alexandra doesn’t listen to him and walks away through the door without a second glance. But after an eventful moment, after leaving the house, Alexandra finds herself back at Chase’s house. Fast forward a little further into the story and Alexandra finds herself as a governess and working for Chase!

“She now understood why his attentions as a lover were in such great demand. All reason had deserted her when his lips touched hers. Only feeling had remained. Heat and scent and strength and taste.” – The Governess Game.

I love Alexandra’s witty, strong and honest personality. She is a very likable character. She is hard working and very dedicated to her work. I love that she has a strong passion for all things space related. Like with The Duchess Deal, I fell in love with this book instantly. The romance, the banter, the personalities of the characters, especially Alexandra’s friends. I just love it all. The story gets straight into it, making it a fast-paced, fun, exciting novel. I love Tessa’s style of writing. You know a book is good when it leaves you wanting to read more and you are captivated by the story, as I am very much so with The Governess Game. I personally love how Tessa adds humour in too her writing, to create a more light-hearted feel to it, which I really like in a book. It creates a more cosy atmosphere. A perfect read for a relaxing night in.

Published on the 6th September, The Governess Game is now available to buy. Go grab yourself a copy and delve into this addictive, compelling and irresistible book.

Have you read The Duchess Deal or The Governess Game yet? I would love to know if you like romance novels too and if so, which ones do you love?

Clem Love The Governess Game


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