The Hair-o-Scope: A Horoscope For Your Hair

I have always loved seeing what my horoscope says, I’m a Pisces by the way! As soon as I buy a magazine I’m always going straight to the horoscopes. As soon as I heard about the Hair-o-scope, (A horoscope for your hair,) I just had to find out more. Below is what my Hair-o-scope says about my hair.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)
Known to be quite the healer, people flock to compassionate Pisces for advice and warm hugs. After helping friends by lending an ear, you’re ready to dive into new creative projects or go dancing to build up those good vibes.

Use your sharp insight to pinpoint the most flattering trend, and treat yourself to a new hair color or style. Play up your naturally glamorous look with vibrant tones and don’t be afraid to own it. Or, frame your face with wispy layers that hint at your ethereal, dreamy side.
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I’m loving ‘compassionate, creative and dreamy.’ I also agree that a good hair day for me is ‘face-framing and flattering.’ I’ve never really worn my hair up, occasionally I do if I have to have it up, but I always have my hair down. ‘Play up your dreamy side with wispy layers,’ I do love having layers in my hair, I must say, layers do make my hair look as though it has more volume in it, as I have fine hair. I always plait my hair at night before bed as I love how it gives my hair lovely waves in the morning. My nan also got me doing this as she told me it makes your hair grow longer and to be honest it has grown quite quickly over the last few months.

I also highly recommend checking out Madison Reed to find your perfect hair colour.


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