Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas | Blogmas Day 6

It’s December 6th, Blogmas day 6. I’ve just been to church and now I’m going to open day 6 on my advent calendar…

I’m so excited for Christmas, I even bought a santa hat last night to wear. I’ve also got the Christmas songs playing, I’ve currently got Santa Clause Is Coming To Town playing. I love that song. I went in Primark the other day and thay have got so many lovely Christmas jumpers, I need to find mine, I think it’s still in the wardrobe from last Christmas. I also saw an Elf Christmas t-shirt in Primark which I love. I thought that for this Blogmas post I would write about my earliest Christmas memories…

You may have seen on one of my Blogmas posts, that one thing I always remember is getting so excited for December 1st. I remember coming back from primary school so excited because I knew that the Christmas tree was going to be up. I also remember how I excited I was at primary school for Christmas too, the school used to have a box for us all to put in Christmas cards to each other, then they would give out the cards to everyone. I loved opening them and seeing who had sent me one. On Christmas eve I always made sure I went to bed really early ready for Santa to come. I always left out a mince pie for him and a glass of milk and a carrot for Rudolph. In the morning on Christmas day there was always balloons left outside the bedroom, so I knew Santa had been. I would always wake up really early in the morning and call to my mum and dad that it was Christmas then hurry downstairs. I always loved having the Disney Christmas songs playing, I loved that CD. Another thing I always loved to do is watch The Muppets Christmas Carol. At Dinner time we would have a lovely roast dinner and pull the Christmas crackers and party poppers. I always remember pulling the party poppers and then collecting the stuff that come out of them and then putting them on my grandads head and pretending I was giving him a new hairstyle. I didn’t want Christmas day to end. Boxing day would be spent eating lots of food and going round my nan and grandads for tea. 

Day 6 on the advent calendar opened 🙂

What’s your earliest Christmas memories?


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