Homemade Free From Fish Pie

My mum and myself have recently been thinking of different recipes we can try that are dairy, wheat and gluten free. I have always loved eating fish pie, but since having to cut out dairy, wheat and gluten i haven’t had one of these for so long. This is super easy to make and tastes so delicious. 

Ingredients –

1 pack of Fish Pie Mix. (We got the one from Morrisons which has Cod, Salmon and Haddock in.) But can use whichever Fish Pie Mix you want.

Potatoes. (You can also use sweet potato if you want, or even cauliflower.)

Rice Milk. (You can use soya milk.)

Herbs. (We added some mint, parsley and coriander to gibe the fish pie some flavour.)

Free From Chesse.

Firstly we add the Fish Pie Mix to the bowl and pop in some rice milk, this makes it moist so it doesn’t dry up whilst cooking. It also adds some extra flavour. Next we pop some potatoes in to the microwave, this just softens them up so they won’t take long to cook in the oven. We then chop them up ready to put on top of the pie. Before we do this though we pop in some of the herbs that i listed above in the ingredients. This adds even more flavour to the pie. Then we pop the chopped up potatoes on top. We like to keep the skin on the potatoes as this makes them go nice and crispy in the oven. Lastly we get some of the free from cheese and put on top of the potatoes so it melts in the oven. With the Fish Pie we cooked some kale and put with the pie. This is a nice healthy meal to have and its also dairy, wheat and gluten free. As i said its super easy to make and you only need a few ingredients.


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