Lifestyle: How to make the most of whats in your fridge

Don’t you hate it when you cant decide on what you want to eat and yet you have a fridge full of stuff!!

Well thats what happens to me.


You may just have different foods in your fridge and think you can only have these with that meal or these with this meal.


But you can mix and match foods and make them into a delicious meal.



Me and my mum always use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as its a more healthier oil to cook with.

I put a little bit of the oil in to a pan.


I then chopped some mushrooms and put them in to the oil in the pan.


I chopped them into smaller pieces as they cook quicker this way.


I looked in the fridge and found a packet of salad leaves.


I also found some cherry tomatoes and sliced them into smaller pieces and added them to the mushrooms.


We love to put seeds on salads as they are healthy and add that extra crunch to it.

I sprinkled a few of these on top of the salad leaves.


and then…. you have a yummy but also healthy meal using different foods from your fridge so that none of them will go to waste. I also put with it some sliced turkey that needed eating up.


🙂 i thought i would treat myself to two of my favourite yogurts.

(not as healthy… i know! But hey, its New Years Day!!!)


And to finish off with….. a lovely cup of summer berry tea 🙂





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