I love trying new things and sometimes this can be so hard being dairy, wheat and gluten free. Whenever I go in a supermarket and there is a new product that looks so good and I look on the back and see it has milk in it! This happens a lot. I was so excited when I received these products* in the photo above from Caprera. As soon as the parcel arrived I opened it straight away and dived in. On the Caprera website, there are lots products that are free from dairy, wheat and gluten and lots of new products I haven’t tried or seen before. 

These Cacao Brownie Snack Bars are perfect and are made from 100% natural ingredients. They are by a company called the Squirrel Sisters, I have heard so many great things about their products. They are delicious and mouth-watering and very morish. These snack bars are lovely and soft and you can really taste the cacao. They are also just 82 calories. 82 calories! They are vegan and are free from wheat and gluten and refined sugar-free. There are also some other flavoured brownie snack bars which sound very delicious.

This bar of gorgeousness which I just about ate in one go is chocolate and orange, mmm my favourite. This bar of chocolate is handmade and contains organic dark chocolate with added raw hemp seeds and organic orange zest. It is vegan and also free from gluten. I am a huge fan of chocolate and orange and I really, really, really enjoyed this. This chocolate is by a company called Themptation. 

Although I have tried dried fruit before, I have never tried air dried orange and melon. These are delicious and so good and 100% natural. Oh and they are 1 of your 5 a day. They are by a company called Nim’s Fruit Crisps. I also love how natural they are as even the skin is left on them, which gives them a nice crunch and crispy texture. My mum also tried some of these and she loves them, she even asked me where can she get some from. Also at 62 calories, these are just simply perfect. 

Lastly is this bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil is obtained from Leccino Olives. Donna Lucia Riserva is Max Olive Oil’s signature single estate extra virgin olive oil. The olives are handpicked on their olive groves in Puglia, Italy. This oil is perfect for cooking with, on salads or on bread. I have popped this bottle on my shelf ready to use as I am a huge fan of this oil and it tastes delicious. 

Caprera has so many more products to choose from and I highly recommend checking them out, especially like me, if you are unable to have dairy, wheat and gluten. Other than just products on their website, they also have recipes and how to’s. There is so much to look at and their website is 100% on my favourites. I am so excited to try lots more of their products. 

Please see my disclaimer here. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

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