It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year | Blogmas Day 8

It’s December 8th, Blogmas Day 8. There’s only 17 more sleeps until Christmas day…

As it’s only 17 more sleeps until Christmas day, for this I have decided to share with you the things that I love the most about Christmas.

Time to put up the Christmas tree. 

As soon as it gets to December 1st, I get so excited to put up the tree.

Decorating the Christmas tree.

I love decorating the Christmas tree. I love the Pluto decoration we have in the photo above. Definitely one of my favourites. 

Watching Christmas films. 

My favourites include, Home Alone 1 and 2, Elf and The Santa Clause 1 and 2.

Spending Christmas with my family.

I love spending Christmas day with my family, watching Christmas films and playing board games.

Listening to Christmas songs.

I love it when the Christmas songs are played on the radio. I’ve also created a playlist on Spotify with lots of Christmas songs on it. Check out Blogmas day 1 to listen to them.

Christmas dinner. 

Mmm i feel hungry just thinking about it. I love roast dinners, especially a roast dinner on Christmas day.

Christmas Adverts. 

I love the John Lewis ones. The advert that makes me feel the most Christmasy is the Coca-Cola advert. You know the one I mean.

Advent Calendars.

I get so excited when I buy an advent Calendar. I had mine all ready at the side of my bed ready to open on December 1st.

Day 8 opened on my advent calendar 🙂

What’s your favourite things about Christmas?


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