It’s Time For The Royal Wedding

Good morning! I hope you have an amazing weekend. As you can see from the title of this post, I am very excited for the Royal Wedding. I’ve already been tweeting about it! (Expect lots more tweets)! It’s such a beautiful day outside today and I can’t wait to watch Prince Harry and Meghan walk down the aisle together. I’m just so happy I’ve got the weekend off work so I can watch it. All I could think of last week was ‘please let me have it off work’! I can’t wait to see what dress Meghan will be wearing, eek I’m so excited! I would love to know if you are going to be at Windsor for the Royal Wedding or if you are having a party and watching it on TV.

I’m already an emotional mess! And no it’s not because Prince Harry is getting married, 😏 I’m just so happy for them both and there is definitely going to be many happy tears when the wedding starts. I’ve got BBC1 on already, as they are covering the wedding live. I think it’s actually been on tv for quite a while now, really early this morning. In case you were wondering, the ceremony starts at around 12 noon. If you pop the TV on now though, I’m sure you will find the live coverage. As I’m watching the TV right now, guests are currently arriving, and I’ve just spotted Oprah Winfrey. It really is such a magical day.

Fun story! When I was little my mum and dad took me to see the Royal Family walk to the Church at Sandringham and then back again to Sandringham house. They do this every year on Christmas Day. If you haven’t been to Sandringham before, it’s a must. The house is so beautiful, you are able to look around it and around the grounds. It is surrounded by gorgeous woods which you can go in to, park up your car and have a picnic and go exploring. It’s filled with beautiful flowers in the summer, small deer, squirrels and many different birds. You may remember me mentioning it on my blog, as it’s not far from me and it’s one of my favourite places to go to. Anyway, when we got there we saw some people who we know, they have a daughter who is around the same age as me. They had an extra flower, so they gave it to me so I could give it a member of the Royal Family. The Queen Mother rode in the car to the Church and the Queen, so I was only able to see them from a distance. But Prince Phillip and the rest of the Royal Family walked right past us where we waited to see them.

Ok, so even though I was quite young, I must admit I did have a crush on the two Princes! My friend and I waited with our parents at the front and then we saw Prince William and Prince Harry walking this way. I was very excited, I must say! The bit I remember the most though is my mum shouting at the top of her voice, ‘Harry’! Prince Harry looked and started walking right over to us and said ‘Are those for me’? as my friend and I both got our flowers ready to give him. My mum remembers looking at us and my friend and I just stood there with our mouths wide open! 😂🙈

I really hope one Christmas, I will be able to see them walk to the church and to the house again, especially now there are lots of new members of the Royal Family. I would love to know if you have met or seen any members of the Royal Family? I can’t wait to see what dresses and hats the Princesses will be wearing. To be honest, I can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing! Especially the Queen. The Queen always looks so beautiful. The Royal Family are amazing people, they have done and do so much for this country and around the world with their amazing and life-changing charity work.


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