I’ve Graduated | My Graduation Day

Hi everyone! I hope you have a lovely day. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me tweeting about my graduation. I graduated on Tuesday 5th September. It was truly a magical evening. You can watch the ceremony here. You can see me at about 57:23. It was definitely an evening I will never forget. I am so proud of everyone. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last three years at University. I have learned so much and I am truly grateful to everyone for all of their help and support. I just can’t believe that it has really been three years already! It doesn’t feel so long ago that I was walking in to the lecture theatre for my very first welcome talk at the University of Lincoln. I was so excited for my first day and meeting lots of new people. If you are new to my blog, I studied Audio Production at the University of Lincoln. I started University as a mature student when I was 24. I just felt that it was the right time and that I really wanted to go Uni.

In the photo above, is a photo of myself on stage. Luckily I went in to a tent in the castle grounds after my graduation and found that we were able to purchase a photo of ourselves on the stage. I automatically got one, because I love the photo so much, I look so happy in it. I think I have my eyes slightly closed in the photo, but I think it was because I was smiling so much!

How cute is the bear in the photo above. I decided to treat myself and get a little graduation bear. The gentleman also put my name on the badge that is attached to the bear and the year I have graduated and my University. I’m not sure where I’m going to put him yet, at the moment he’s on my desk! I also really want to give him a name! Please leave suggestions in the comments below. I decided to get the bear with the glasses on and holding a little scroll as I thought he looked so cute.

Below I have added a couple of photos of myself in my gown and hat. One is in the castle grounds before my graduation and one is just before the ceremony which took place in Lincoln Cathedral. The Cathedral is so beautiful and was decorated lovely inside. Definitely an amazing place to have a graduation. The dress I wore is from Dorothy Perkins. It has a floral and butterfly print on it. I just knew straight away that this is the dress I want to wear for my graduation. The shoes I am wearing are from Primark. They are a light pink colour and went perfect with my dress. I decided to wear flat shoes, as I can be quite clumsy in high heels, and I also didn’t want my feet to start aching too. 

I really did have an amazing evening which was made even more special by spending it with my family and friends. If you are looking to go to University, I highly recommend checking out the University of Lincoln. I have the most fantastic three years there. I have met some amazing people and I have learned so much. 


Hi, I’m Clementine, but everyone calls me Clem and I am the founder of Clem Loves. I am a writer and online content creator. I am also an Audio Production graduate. Email me at clemloves@gmail.com 💕