July Favourites

Ok, so I know I’m a little bit late with my July Favourites post, but here it is! So during July I tried to spend as much time as I can outside in the sunshine. And what lovely weather we have had too. I went on holiday for a few days with my friend Emma. We went to stay in the Wookey Hole Hotel and then had a ride to Cheddar to visit the caves and we also went to Longleat, to look round the safari and the house, and what a beautiful and amazing house it is indeed. I can’t believe that we are in August already! It occurred to me this morning that it’s only a few more months until Christmas and almost time to start my third year at University. My third year!!

As usual I like to include some TV shows that I have been watching. Honest, I do do other things besides watching TV shows. But I do love a good binge watch on Netflix. There are just so many good shows on there. So, I will be starting my July Favourites with a couple that I have been watching and enjoying. On to my July favourites, a random list of things I have been loving –

Stranger Things.
Just before the episodes of Stranger Things was available, I decided to check out the trailer and give it a watch. As soon as I watched the trailer I knew that this is something I must watch. I will say that there are a few jumpy parts, also one at the very beginning that made me jump a little, but it’s soooooooo (lots of O’s) good. It’s a show that I just wanted to carry on watching and find out what is going to happen next. If your looking for something new to watch then I highly recommend checking it out, I’m not going to giveaway any spoilers though as it’s a must watch. All of the actors are brilliant in this and it’s very addictive.

This is actually one I have mentioned previously when I first started watching it, but now I’ve finished both seasons on Netflix and I am so excited for the new season to start, (I think that they are now filming it.) The show is about a woman named Liv, who ends up getting getting turned into a zombie on a boat party. I am really, really liking this show, and that’s not just because I am obsessed with all things zombie. It’s a really good show. We follow Liv as she helps the police on different cases. There are also lots of other zombies in this too, some that are not quite so friendly.

Natural Collection.
I have been a huge fan of this brand in Boots for quite some years now. I recently purchased their eyebrow pencil, highlighter and some eyeshadows. I have been using their mascara for a few years now and I love their liquid eyeliner. If your in boots, I highly recommend checking out their products. 

Pokemon Go.
Yes, I just had to add this in here. I have been a huge fan and loved Pokemon since the day it arrived in the UK in the 90’s. I have always got the gameboy and 3DS games that have come out over the years. I have been waiting so long for Pokemon Go to come out. Although I did wait to get it till it officially came out in the UK. I was tempted to get in before it came out in the UK though. I’m still looking for a Pikachu, it said one was nearby the other day, but alas it never appeared. I’m on level 10 at the moment. 

We Are Bad by Lily Bailey.
This book is a must read for everyone. Having OCD myself, this book is a brilliant and powerful book and has really helped me lots. I also feel that this book will help people understand OCD so much more through Lily’s experiences. Because We Are Bad is true, honest and inspiring. You can read my review here

Cheddar Caves.
I mentioned above that I recently went on holiday and looked round Cheddar Caves. I had such a great time looking round the caves. It was brilliant learning all about the caves and seeing where people lived all those years ago. After looking them, we then headed over to the museum and got to learn lots more. I wanted to add them to my July favourites because I highly recommend checking them out if you are visiting or near Cheddar.

Ok so this might be a bit of a random one to add to the list, but I’ve been quite proud of myself recently. I have never really liked fruit. I love drinking fruit juice, but I’ve never been a fan of eating fruit. When I was younger I just wouldn’t eat it. But after years of not eating fruit, (yes I’m now 26,) I’ve now started to enjoy it! I have really been loving eating melon, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. I have especially been enjoying them on Tesco free from muesli for breakfast. I actually feel so much better in myself for eating fruit and I’ve noticed my skin is a lot better too. Yay for fruit! 

What are your July Favourites? Also I would love to know if you have been playing Pokemon Go?

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