June Favourites

Wow, I can’t believe it’s July already! It literally doesn’t feel like 5 minutes ago that I was writing my May Favourites. I have now finished my second year of Uni, I’m so excited for my third year, (I just can’t believe how quick it has gone!) I’m currently sat by my computer waiting for my overall second year results. I still can’t believe that in September I will be in my third year. I have really enjoyed years one and two so much. I have met some new friends, went on a trip to London to look around BBC Radio 1 and Absolute Radio. I got to see Scott Mills and Chris Stark presenting. I also got to produce a radio show and present one live, which I really, really, really enjoyed.

A few things have happened in June, I’ve also visited a few places. I went with my mum and her boyfriend on a classic car run to Deene park in the Austin 10, which I really enjoyed, (blog post coming soon.) My mum and I won tickets to go see Will Young, but unfortunately my car broke down half way there! (So upset that we didn’t get to see Will Young.) My mum and I also had a spa day at Ragdale Hall, which luckily my car was fine for. Anyway, on to my June Favourites. Here are a few things I have been loving.

Sweet Inspirations Body Mist – Zoella Beauty.
I have seriously been loving this perfume, soooo much. As soon as I sprayed a little in Superdrug, I just had to get it. I love the sweetness of the body spray, it also makes me feel a little nostalgic, as it reminds me of something from when I’m little, I’m not quite sure what, but I’m definitely getting nostalgic feels every time I smell it. I find that it lasts quite a few hours on me too which is great. 

Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum.
I have been on the lookout for a new serum for ages that is fragrance free. As my skin is quite sensitive, I tend to stick to products that don’t contain any perfume. This one is amazing and is only £2.69. Superdrug had an offer on a little while ago, so I stocked up on this serum. The bottle lasts a long while and a little goes a long way. My skin feels hydrated after using it and it is enriched with calming Soothex. I love using this product.

Orange Is The New Black.
Oh my, those last two episodes. Definitely got me very emotional. Not gonna give away any spoilers though. But wow, season 4 was so good. There were a few moments where I just thought to myself, ‘what is going on here? And ‘did that really just happen?’ I just wasn’t expecting that ending though. OITNB is one of my most favourite shows to watch, along with The Walking Dead of course.

Independence Day: Resurgence.
I will admit that when they announced there was going to be a new Independence Day film, I did have my doubts. But as soon as I found out that a few of the actors from the first film was in it, I knew it was going to be good, as it just wouldn’t be the same without them. This is definitely one of the best films I’ve seen this year. This film is full of action and suspense and is just a brilliant film. We also get to see lots more of the aliens and new ones too. My friend and I was expecting to just see the 2D one, but when we got there we found out it was showing in 3D, which was awesome. Definitely a film to go watch, especially in 3D.  

A Study In Sable by Mercedes Lackey.
I am a huge lover of science-fiction and fantasy genre books. A book that I have recently been reading is one called A study In Sable. You can read my review here. This book is the latest installment of The Elemental Masters series. This book can be read as a standalone novel, which is great, if like me you haven’t read the other ones in the series. Sherlock Holmes also makes an appearance in this book. With adventure, magic and magical creatures, this is definitely a book for a fantasy-lover. A very enjoyable read and brilliantly written.

I am obsessed with this app on my iPhone. Filled with lots and lots of gifs to choose from. I mainly use this app to upload gifs to Facebook. But there really is so many to choose from. I love the Spongebob gifs especially, like the one with spongebob dancing and sticking his tongue out! Huge Spongebob fan here by the way. I love that there are gifs for every emotion. Click here for some more of my favourite apps.

Tesco Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Since not being able to have dairy, wheat and gluten anymore, one thing I have missed so much are chocolate chip cookies. Although you can get free from ones, they tend to be quite expensive. So when I found out that Tesco now do them and at £1.20 a pack, I just had to have some. I may have eaten a pack or two all at once, but they are seriously delicious. If you love cookies too, here is the link for them. Now I really fancy some cookies.

I would love to know your June favourites?

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