Life.Love.Beauty by Keegan Allen


I love books, I suppose you could say that I am obsessed with books. There are so many books I love and so many I really want to read. Ever since my mum taught me to read I’ve loved them. My favourite types of books to read are science-fiction ones. I love being transported in to another world, going on different adventures with the characters from the book. 

As you may have seen in my previous post, I purchased a new camera. I have been wanting a new one for such a long time now as previously I have been using my iPhone 5 for all of my photos. From a very young age I have always loved taking photos. I love being able to capture memories and keep them in an album. I decided to buy the Canon 700d after hearing so many great things about it. It takes beautiful and stunning photos and I can’t wait to start using it more. I’ve got a few places lined up that I really want to visit so I can take some photos. I love taking photos of nature and animals. I am still learning though, so I really hope that you like my photos. 

I recently purchased a copy of Life.Love.Beauty by Keegan Allen, (Keegan plays Toby in Pretty Little Liars.) I’ve never really owned a photo book before so I was very excited when I saw that Keegan was releasing one, having seen his photos on Instagram, which are amazing. Every page is filled with beautiful photos Keegan has taken from a young age to the present. There are lots of gorgeous photos of the Pretty Little Liar’s cast. Keegan has also included lots of photos of his fans, which I think is amazing and really adds a much more personal touch to the book. Each photo has a special meaning which includes a little bit about each one and he has also included some beautiful poems within the book. This book is very special to me because (other than being a huge fan of Keegan Allen,) this book has really inspired me with my passion for taking photos. Keegan really does take brilliant and beautiful photos. I highly recommend checking out his book. 

You can purchase Keegan’s book from Amazon

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