Lifestyle: A Day in Lincoln

I have been to Lincoln many times before, but mostly to always go to have a look in Primark there!

(Which I still did do before we went home!)

But yesterday I was super excited to go there as I went to meet my Godfather, as he was over from Australia. I have never met him before as they moved to Australia when I was little.

We went to a little coffee shop in the middle of town (which smelt amazing!) and I had some peppermint tea. We then decided to go and have a look at Lincoln Cathedral which is very beautiful, (see photo below.) You have to walk up to the top of a hill to get there, but luckily because I have been going to the gym and swimming I didn’t have to stop on the way up there this time!!




 After we had a look round the Cathedral, we had a walk to the castle which was lovely.

Although they were doing quite a bit of work on the grounds and on some the buildings, it all still looked very beautiful.

I love history and I love going for days out to castles, (or anything to do with history really.)



The weather was lovely during the day, as on the way to Lincoln it started to rain quite a bit, but it was nice and warm when we got to the castle.


We went on the guided tour around the castle, and the lady who was doing the guided tour was really nice and friendly. I learnt loads about the history of the castle, buildings and Lincoln itself.


The tour lasted about just over an hour.


This is the court room inside the grounds, which is a very big!

This is still a fully working Crown Court.


The grounds were very beautiful, there were many trees and flowers all over which have been planted.


We went to the top, and walked around to get a good view each side of the castle and grounds.


The views were amazing!


You can see most of Lincoln from up here!


You also get a good view of the Cathedral.


I took some photos at the top of the hill between the cathedral and the castle.

There are some lovely buildings in Lincoln, and there was also a man playing the fiddle which was nice to listen to.


I highly recommend anyone who is coming to Lincoln for the day to go and have a walk up the hill to the Cathedral and castle.

It is so beautiful and a great day out 🙂

Also in the city centre you have got lots of shops to look around and also on your way up to the top of the hill there are many old fashioned sweet and cake shops that sell all your old favourite, and there are also some little clothes shops which have some great finds in them.


I had an amazing day yesterday and I hope you have enjoyed looking at the photos I took 🙂








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