Lifestyle: – The Spirit Of Endeavour – Review

It’s been a while since i last went to The Spirit Of Endeavour in Boston, UK.

I went with my boyfriend Shane as we like to try and go out for something to eat at least once a week. It’s nice to go out together and go out for a meal.

As i have had to change my diet and cut out a lot of foods, it has been really hard recently when i have gone out to find something that i can eat!

A lot of restaurants will not let me have something that it plain or no sauce on because that is how it comes!

So anyway i looked at the menu and found they had prawn cocktail for starters 🙂 my favorite as i love prawns! I asked if i could just have plain prawns and salad with the slice of brown bread, which they said would be fine. I enjoyed it so much i forgot to take a photo of it before i ate it! But here is a photo below of an empty dish to show you how much i did like it As you can also see in the photo below Shane had Nacho’s which is all he ever eats for starters! At least he enjoys them! I looked at what i would be able to have for main course and i found, Sweet Chili Salmon Salad. I asked if i could have no dressing on the salad and they said that was fine, although i did try a little bit of the sweet chili on the salmon. To drink i had a glass of orange juice which was really refreshing.

The Salmon was lovely, you also got a lot for your money, as the offer was by 2 meals for £10.

It was presented on the plate really nicely and was very yummy.

Shane had the chicken melt for his main which is the chicken covered in bbq sauce, bacon and cheese. He loved this. Again all he eats when he goes out! 🙂

Unfortunately i am a bit stuck when it come to desserts as everything usually has dairy in, but i was very full to even think of dessert as the starter and main meal was lovely.

The staff here are very friendly and are always there to help and the food doesn’t take long at all to come out, i have had to wait nearly an hour before at some places just to get my meal.

They have a wide range of different meals to choose from, and the dining area is huge so there is plenty of space for everyone. The also have a long bar with a lot of different choices for drinks.

It is also very very clean.

I will definitely be going back there real soon to have the salmon again, i thoroughly enjoyed it as did Shane with his meal.  


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