Lighten Up: Summer Sleep Essentials

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As the whether starts to get warmer and the evenings become lighter, I love brightening up my room, whether it being new bed covers, flowers, even rearranging my room. I feel that by doing this it makes me feel more ready for summer. I love bright colours, so adding them to my room really brightens my mood. Below is some of my summer sleep essentials mixed with a little bit of DIY that I have been doing.

I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to duvet covers. When I go into a shop I’m always looking to see what covers and sheets they have. I love a nice floral one, the one I currently have on my bed at the moment has pretty pink flowers with little butterflies. If your looking for some new bed covers and sheets, I’m really loving this luxury bedding by Parachute. I also like to have cushions on my bed as they always make me feel cosy whilst laying in bed. Usually during the winter I have blankets on hand for those cold evenings, so it’s nice to be able to take those off for those warm summer evenings. 

To get myself more in the summer mood I have been doing a little DIY with some old furniture and gave it a make over. You may remember one of my previous posts where I painted a second hand desk that only cost a few pounds and painted it white. I’ve also places some artificial flowers in a pretty little vase and also popped on these super cute cake tins. My mum also found me an old chair that goes perfect with the desk.  I also decided to give my TV cabinet some paint. Just by doing these few simple things, it has really brightened up my room. 

I always have a book or two beside me as (being a huge book lover) I love to read. I’m currently reading Inkspell by Cornelia Funke. I also have Love.Life.Beauty by Keegan Allen, (from Pretty Little Liars) His book is filled with so many beautiful photos. I especially love having book beside me during those warm summer evenings when you just can’t get to sleep. I find reading very relaxing. 

I would love to know your summer sleep essentials.

Lots Of Love


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