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I am a huge book lover. I love collecting and reading books. As soon as I saw this tag, I just had to join in with it. I found this tag over on Hailey’s blog

1.  Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
I particularly love reading in my bedroom. I just shut myself in my room grab a book and read. I think I prefer reading in my room because I have all of my books stored in my room.

2. Where do you like to read?
I usually like to read on my bed, or half in my bed. I love pulling the covers over me and getting nice and comfy. I do have a chair in my room, but as I’m mostly sat in my chair when I’m on my laptop, it’s nice to relax on my bed.

3. Bookmark or random piece of paper?
I will admit I do tend to occasionally grab the nearest thing which is a random piece of paper or I have been known to use an old receipt! But I have recently started collecting bookmarks. I used to have so many different bookmarks, but I’m not sure what happened to them. I recently got a bookmark that you can colour in, like a snippet of what you would get in an adult colouring book, so I’m really loving that one at the moment.

4. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop at a chapter?
Usually if I’m reading a book that I’ve gotten really into, I will keep reading until I get to the end of a chapter. If I am enjoying the book so much and I only have about 50-100 pages left, I will usually keep reading until I get to the end. Obviously if I’m reading a page and I have to get up for whatever reason, I just pop the bookmark in and stop reading.

5. Do you eat or drink whilst reading?
I don’t usually eat whilst reading, but I will have a drink sometimes, I’m too scared that I will get it all down the book!

6. E-reader or real book?
I do have an E-reader, but I honestly do prefer the real thing. There’s nothing like that new book smell and the feel of the pages, and a proper book cover.

7. Music or TV whilst reading?
I like everything to be turned off around me when I’m reading, no music and definitely no TV. I like to have my concentration fully on the book I am reading.

8. One book at a time or several at once?
Usually I tend to stick to one book at a time. In the past I have a few books on the go, but I much prefer now to read one book at a time. The only time I may have a few books on the go, is when I’m specifically reading books for University.

9. Reading at home or everywhere?
I’ve been reading mostly at home recently. I think it’s because I’m scared that if I take my book somewhere with I’m going to end up ruining it. I really don’t like bent pages!

10. Reading aloud or silently in your head?
I mostly read silently in my head. Maybe if there is a part in the book that gets my attention, I will re-read it out loud. 

11. Fiction or non-fiction?
I love both. But my most favourite types of genre to read are sci-fi and fantasy.

12. Do you read ahead or skip pages?
I don’t like to read ahead as I always feels that it’s going to spoil the story for me. Sometimes I look on the back of a book (on the back cover) and then I get annoyed with myself because I know what’s going to happen.

13. Break the spine or keep a book like new?
I am obsessed with keeping books like new. I really, really, really don’t like having the spine on a book damaged. 

14. Do you write in your books?
Nope, definitely no writing in my books. The only time there is writing is if it’s a signed copy. Even with my University books, I don’t like to write in them, I just write on a sticky note and pop inside.

15. Your Favourite book?
Hmmm, this is a tough one. I have so many books that I love. My most current book I have read that I love is Seizure by Kathy Reichs, which is book 2 in the Viral series. Another of my favourites is Inkheart, I’m currently on book 2, Inkspell at the moment, which is so good.

Please let me know in the comment section if you do this tag, I would love to read your answers to the questions. I tag everyone who wants to do this Lost in a Book tag.

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