Mario Badescu Facial Spray | Review

I remember quite a few years ago I decided to try a facial spray, but after using it for so long I just didn’t really use it anymore or purchase another facial spray. It’s a product I usually see other bloggers and YouTubers talking about in the skincare products they use, but it’s only until recently I’ve found a whole new love for using a facial spray when doing my daily skincare routine. If you read Monday’s post, you may have seen that I have recently been using the facial spray in the photos above and below in my morning and evening skincare routine. 

Having never tried a product by Mario Budescu before, I was really excited to try it, especially after hearing lots of great things about this brand. I remember watching one of Zoella’s videos quite a while back and she was using a product by Mario Budescu. This product was one of the prizes I won from Hannah, from Hannah Heartss. Thank you so much Hannah 💕. I am absolutely loving this facial spray and it’s become one of my most used products.

This facial spray is such a joy to use, it’s hydrating, easy to apply and I love how it feels on my skin. It contains aloe, cucumber and green tea. It’s very cooling on the skin, which feels lovely when you want to cool and wind down a little after a long day. It definitely helps to wake up tired skin. The aloe vera helps to calm and sooth skin whilst the cucumber helps to hydrate and leave skin glowing. Green Tea is great for the skin and contains natural antioxidant. 

A little definitely goes a long way. I use it morning and evening before applying my moisturiser. You can also spritz a little throughout the day too over makeup. It absorbs in to the skin really quickly and I also quite like the scent of the spray, it isn’t overpowering. My skin feels instantly cooler and refreshed. Since using, I’ve noticed my skin has got a more healthier glow to it. I have found this product to be amazing for my sensitive skin, no stinging or making my skin feel uncomfortable. There is also no stickiness and it doesn’t make my skin anymore oily. I’ve noticed that since using, my skin hasn’t been as oily recently. I highly recommend this product and It’s definitely a product I will be purchasing so I can have some more of it. I love it so much.

Have you tried facial sprays before or would like to try them? If so what are your thoughts on them?



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