May Favourites

It’s a new month already and we are now half way through the year! Which means it’s also time for my May favourites, I can’t believe I’m saying this as it doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago that I was doing my April Favourites. I am looking forward to June though. Yesterday I went the Classic Car Show in Nottingham, there was so much to look at and I even looked around Wollaton Hall. The weather was lovely and warm and we also had a picnic for dinner and tea. We are so lucky to have so many beautiful places to look around in the UK. 

In this months favourites, I have added some beauty products that I am loving, a couple of dresses that are perfect for the warmer weather, a new book that I am reading and some tasty food that I have been enjoying. I have added some new TV shows, that I am obsessed with, that I found on Netflix, as some of my favourite TV shows are currently on a break, so I’ve been looking for some new ones to watch. At the end of this post I have also added in a playlist that I created on Spotify, which some very nostalgic songs on.

Beauty –

I have really been loving these products (the ones in the photo above) from Bagsy. Their products are lovely and the packaging too. I actually recently wrote a blog post on them, click here to read it. Having never tried a lip chubby I was so excited to use this Wow Lips one in the shade Cocktail Hour, it’s so beautiful. I also have the Pretty Cheeks blush in Velvet Coral, the Beautiful Eyes eye shader in the shade Take The Plunge, and the Ray of Sunshine bronzing powder in the Medium Dark.

Books –

In my previous April Favourites blog post, I wrote about one of the books I was currently reading Called Seizure by Kathy Reichs. I’ve now finished that book and I am currently reading the next one, which is book three in the Virals series called Code. I am seriously loving these books. As soon as I pick it up I just want to keep reading and reading it. You can read my book reviews on the first two books, by clicking here and here, for Virals which is book one and Seizure which is book two. As soon as I have finished book three I will definitely be doing a review on it. Another book that I am really enjoying is, Make Up, Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success – Online and Off, by Michelle Phan. I am a huge fan of Michelle and I was so excited to get her book. This book is what it says in the title and also includes at the beginning stories and photos. 

TV Shows – 

I had to include TV shows again to my May Favourites, as I’ve found some more very addictive TV shows to watch. I’ve really been loving iZombie, Teen Wolf and The 4400. As The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars and Once Upon a Time are all on a break now, (on the plus side I will have lots to watch when they do start again) I needed something else to watch. I am now on season two of iZombie and Teen Wolf and I have just started watching The 4400, but it’s so good. Click here to see my list of binge-worthy TV shows. 

Fashion –

If you have read my previous two fashion blog posts I did, you will know that I love wearing dresses. I love wearing them all through the year, as during the colder months, I like to add tights and boots and a jacket with my dresses, but it’s so nice to be able to take the tights off and wear dresses with a nice pair of sandals in the warm weather. This very pretty Print Skater Dress by JD Williams, is lovely and soft and very light, which makes it perfect for the warmer weather. This beautiful Lavand Lace Back Tribal Dress by JOY has a lovely cutout lace panel on the back which too is great as we get nearer towards Summer.

Music – 

I am still loving the 90’s and early 00’s songs. I did a blog post a while ago about some of the music I have been enjoying listening to, I also added a few of the songs I have been loving in my April Favourites. I created a playlist of them all on Spotify, which I will add at the bottom of this post, so you can listen to them too. They bring back so many good memories. Some of the playlist include, Busted, Offspring, Eiffel 65, Cornershop, Blur, Will Smith and Gorillaz. They are just a random selection of songs that I grew up listening to and loving. I will also continue to add lots more songs to the list too. I named the playlist Summer Songs, as they remind me of listening to them during the Summer break of school.

Apps – 
I have a new app that I have downloaded and wanted to add to my May Favourites. It is called Calm, which is an app where you can learn to meditate, to reduce stress and to have a better nights sleep. I’ve never tried meditating before, but after being recommended to try it, I read a review on this app and decided to download it. To get the full benefits, you do have to pay so much money a year, but I’ve decided to just use the free parts of the app for now. But I am really loving it. I love that you get to choose which background you want which includes nice relaxing sounds or music. Click here to view more apps that I have been loving.

Food – 
I’ve been on mission to try and eat a lot more healthily. I may have been eating a bit too much sweet stuff! I love eating vegetables and fish, so I decided to make this dish. It’s Tender Stem Broccoli with Salmon. It’s quick and easy to make and tastes delicious. One more thing that I want to add are these Gluten Free Rice Pops by Nestle, which you can get from Tesco. I have missed having a bowl of Rice Krispies for so long. Although these are not the original, they taste just as good, if not better. 

Random Things –
I have an addiction to make up bags! One thing I always do when I go in Primark is go and have a look at the new makeup bags they have got in. I have really been loving the makeup bags that Zoe Sugg has brought out. I have the pink one with a Guinea Pig on and the my favourite things one, which is a gorgeous pink colour and has a sparkly list of all of Zoe’s favourite things on the back. Another of my favourites that I have is a pink Bambi one from Primark, click here to see it. Something else that I want to add to the Random Things section is colouring books. I am really loving the adult colouring books that you can get. I recently won a copy of the Tropical Wonderland one by Millie Marotta. There are so many beautiful drawings inside that I am very excited to start colouring in.   

What have you been loving throughout May?                                                       

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