Meet My Wonderful July Advertisers

Happy Tuesday! I am really excited for you to meet my wonderful July Advertisers in today’s brand new post. But first, let’s have a catch-up… As it’s Tuesday, you know what that means! There is a blog comment thread happening right now over on my RT account @BloggerLS. Head on over to join in with the comment thread. 💕💕💕 Are we really halfway through July already?!! But I am really enjoying this lovely summer weather we are having. Check out my recent post on creating a wildlife garden and create your very own home for wildlife during this warm weather. I’m also guessing that it’s the summer holidays now too? I can’t believe how quick it has come round. It’s almost a year since I graduated and started my new job! It’s almost a year since I went on holiday to Mexico!!! It only feels like 5 minutes ago I went! Well, maybe a little bit longer than 5 minutes ago!!! But it really doesn’t feel like a year.

Today in the post, my new Lensball arrived. I have actually only just very recently discovered these. How did I not know about them before?! A Lensball is a round crystal ball that you can use in your photography. You just hold it up or pop it on something and take a photo. And it’s like you are holding a tiny little world in your hand. I’m super excited to try it out and start using it. I’ve been seeing lots of really awesome photos of people using them. I will definitely be putting some of the photos up on my blog when I get the hang of using it. I’ve been wanting to be a little more creative with my photos, and I think that this Lenball is going to help me do just that. I would love to know if you have one and if you have any tips on using it? After seeing a couple of bloggers tweet about them, I just had to get one. I suddenly realised that I had an Amazon gift card that needed using up! I also had a little left over to treat myself to a brand new Disney Pop! character too, who I just know will be featuring in many of my upcoming blog posts!

Clem Loves Advertisers

Yay!!! I’m super excited to share with you today my July advertisers. I want to start off by firstly saying a huge thank you to Steff, Melanie and Paige for advertising their blogs with me this month on Clem Loves. If you would like to advertise your blog with me next month, head on over to my Advertise section to find out more. 😀🌸💕 Prices start from just £2 for the month! I would love to have you advertise with me. I still have some spaces left for August. Grab your spot now and be one of my August advertisers. Please email me at 😊You have no idea how happy it makes me feel knowing that you would like to advertise your blog with me. I thoroughly enjoy having your blog buttons in my sidebar.

So for today’s brand new post, as you already know! It’s all about my wonderful and beautiful advertisers. I highly recommend checking out their blogs, I love them so much. I will also leave each bloggers social media links too so you can go give them a follow.

Meet my July Advertisers

Clem Loves Advertisers

It is my great pleasure to introduce the lovely Steff from Steff’s Journey. Steff works full time as an MIS Officer and is mum to 3 beautiful girls. I am so happy that Steff is advertising her blog with me this month. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Some of my favourite posts on Steff’s blog are, A-ZThis Or That Challenge and My Stationery Haul. Steff is so lovely and supportive. I especially love looking at her Instagram photos, which include lots of yummy and delicious photos of food. (Which is making me feel very hungry now just looking at them)!

Follow Steff over on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Clem Loves Advertisers

Next, we have the lovely Paige from peachpaige. I am super excited to have Paige as my Unicorn advertiser for July. Paige is a lifestyle blogger, fanfiction author (which is so awesome) and a journalist. Head on over for some amazing lifestyle and review posts.  I am really loving Paige’s blog series too, called Paige’s People. I can’t wait to read more of them. Some of my favourite posts on Paige’s blog are, I want to be a Fairy! 10 Goals for my 20s and Paige’s People – Sophie “An Adventurer’s World” I absolutely love Paige’s Instagram photos. Be sure to check them out.

Follow Paige over on Instagram and Twitter. 😀💕🌸

Clem Loves Advertisers

I am very excited to introduce the gorgeous Melanie from melaniewithanie. Melanie is a fashion and beauty blogger and a Medical Laboratory Assistant in Cellular Pathology. I am so so happy that Melanie is advertising her blog with me this month on Clem Loves. I am a huge fan of Melanie’s blog, I love it so much. Some of my favourite posts on her blog are Actually Useful Tips For Growing Your InstagramGIANT £400 Makeup Haul and My 2 Step Skincare Routine. Melanie also has an awesome Meet The Blogger series on her blog too, which I can’t wait to read more of.

Follow Melanie over on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin. I also highly recommend checking out her awesome YouTube channel too. 😀😀😀


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