Mini Zoella Beauty Haul






From my last blog post, you may know that I went camping with my friend Emma, we had a brilliant time. Click here for my last blog post to see what was keeping awake during the night! (We still don’t know what it was.) We went on holiday to Tewkesbury, such a beautiful town, with lots of shops. Emma and I decided to go camping as we both love it, (well apart from putting up the tent and taking it down again!) Luckily there was a lovely couple who helped us put up the tent. We had practiced putting it up before hand but we had a little trouble putting it up when we got there. Also just after the tent was put up, it started to rain, but other than that, we had some lovely weather.

Emma and I had a lovely walk in to the town and we decided to pop in Superdrug to have a look around and get some essentials. I was so happy when I saw the whole complete Zoella Beauty range. Having a little bit of holiday spending money I just had to pick up a few things from the range. I decided to get the Zoella Guinea Pig Beauty Bag, the Zoella Cosmetic Purse and the Zoella Lets Spritz Body Mist (which smells so amazing.) I have been wearing the body mist so much, I love it. Everything is super cute and I can’t wait to get more of the Zoella Beauty range.

I love, love, love the Guinea Pig Beauty bag, it’s so cute. I currently have my face creams in it at the moment. I just can’t get over how gorgeous the beauty bag is. I really didn’t know which one to get and I really liked the other two beauty bags, but as I love guinea pigs it was only right that I chose this one. Next I got the cosmetic purse which really caught my eye (not just because it’s pink!) I really love the design on it. Lastly I got the body mist, which let me tell you, smells so good, It really does. I have been wearing the body mist so much since I bought it and wore it everyday on holiday. 

Please let me know in the comment section below which products you love from the Zoella Beauty Range.


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