Money Saving Tips | Part 1

 Saving money is easier said than done. With bills to pay, groceries to stock up on, plus all the essentials that we have to use money for on a day to day basis…

Below are just a few money saving tips, which if done in the long run, can save you a lot of money. These are tips that I have learnt through the years and although they are not hugely massive money saving tips, that little bit of money you can save will soon add up.

1. Do you really need that new sweater, or do you just want it!
I know from personal experience that when I’m walking through a city centre for example, I am automatically drawn to the window displays at the side of me and before I know it I’m being sucked in to the aisle of a shop. But once in there, I stop and think to myself, do I really need new clothes, or do I just want them. This also goes for just about any shop. Sometimes we have to just stop and think wether we need something or not, if we are just wanting it rather than needing it. Saying to yourself that you don’t need it can help you to just walk away. 

2. Home cooked meals.
Although sometimes is it really easy to just grab the phone and order a take away, its much more cost efficient and healthier to cook yourself a nice home made meal. Being dairy, wheat and gluten free, free from prodcuts can be quite expensive, so what I like to do (you can check out my recipes on my blog –  Spaghetti Bolognese) is buy for example, a packet of turkey mince, you can pick up a packet of this for about £1.75 and this will last me 2-3 meals. With the turkey mince I like to cook some pasta, you can get a packet of free from pasta for about £1.40 and then I like to cook up some vegatables to add with it. Its meals like these that you can get cheaper ingredients for and they also last you for a few meals. Its way cheaper than buying take-aways and healthier.

3. NUS Card.
I first learnt about the NUS card when I started college and I’ve had one ever since. Now I am at university I have carried on renewing it. If you are a student this little card is great for saving you money. I usually use mine in high street shops and also at the cinema. There are so many shops and restaurants you can use an NUS card at. NUS cards cost from just £12 for a year. Ive saved lots of money using mine and I highly reccomend getting one.

4. Putting a little bit of money away each month.
I find a great way of saving money is to put a little bit of it away in a savings account when you get paid. Doing this as soon as you get paid enables you to automacally start saving it rather than spending it. It’s so easy for money to just dissapear, what with bills etc, but just putting that little bit away, even if it’s just £20, this can soon add up throughout the year.

5. Always look for the bargains.
When going shopping for groceries I am always on the lookout for bargains. For example when I am in the supermarket looking for some fresh vegatables I always check to see which supermarket is selling them cheaper. Sometimes you will also find that there are many offers on products such as buy two for a £1 etc. I also find that if you go to a supermarket at a particualr time when they are reducing products you can get them for only a few pence! Just little things like this can save you lots of money on your shopping bill. Having a look online first can help you do this by comparing prices.


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