Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

I am obsessed with these face masks!They really do what they say they do and they smell so good and leave your skin feeling amazing. I have tried a few different ones before but i hadn’t tried this one though. I love the fact that they only cost 99pThe one i got in the photo above is the Blemish Mud Face Masque.’ I love the packaging they come in as they always look so bright and cheerful. 


Enliven your skin and help combat unsightly blemishes with our Aloe Vera and Willow

Blemish Mud. Our special blend of nature’s remedies naturally targets your problem areas for a clear and clean complexion. 

Gluten Free

• Nut Derivative Free

• No Added Parabens

Ingredients are:

Aloe Vera, Mediterranean Clay, Willow,

Evening Primrose, Rosemary and Witch Hazel.

So as you can see these are packed with a lot of goodness : which i like in a face mask and have lots of natural ingredients. This face mask says it is also suitable for Combination, Normal, Oily and Sensitive skin.

I put this face mask on all over my face and left it on for between 10 to 15 minutes.

There are also so many more of these face masks that i want to try, as they have a pretty big range. If you go on their website you will see what i mean.

I just wanted to share with you what i am loving beauty wise this month. I think its good to have a chill out night and apply a mask. I usually apply a mask about once a week to help keep my skin fresh, as my skin is more combination but can also get quite oily and also dry, so these masks work wonders for my skin. This mask made my skin feel all nice and soft afterwards and really refreshed. I really noticed a difference of the appearance of my skin the next morning. My skin looked a lot more refreshed and hydrated. It also gave my skin a nice glow. My skin also still felt nice and soft. These masks are a huge help for when i do get a breakout of spots, the spots disappear a lot quicker. I am definitely going to be buying this one again 🙂 You can buy these from lots of different shops, i usually get mine from either the supermarket or savers

Please let me know in the comment section below what face masks you are loving at the moment. I love to try new things. Also please let me know if you have tried any of the Montagne Jeunesse masks and which your favourite is 🙂


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