Montagne Jeunesse – Strawberry Souffle

This smells so amazing. Its literally like i have just cut up a load of strawberries and plonked them on my face. 

This is the Strawberry Souffle Moisturising and Purifying Face Mask by Montagne Jeunesse. I previously did a post a couple of weeks back on another of their face masks. I am obsessed with them and use one every week. To me I feel that these face masks really do work and do what what they say they do. In face when i nipped to the shop earlier I bought 6 more. Although one is for my mum as she loves them too and one for my boyfriend. They now do face masks for men, so I’m really excited to see what Shane thinks of it.  

This mask felt amazing on my skin and I usually leave these masks on for about 20 minutes. Recommended time for these if 15-20 minutes. So i just leave this on and then rinse off with warm water and pat dry with my towel. My skin feels even more amazing after i have taken off the mask. It left my skin feeling all nice and soft and smelling wonderful. These masks really help when i have a breakout and my skin is feeling a bit dry. 


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