My 8 Most Binge-Worthy TV Shows

I will admit, that when I find a TV show I like, I do love a good binge-watch of it! When I’ve got some free time, you will most likely find me on my macbook on Netflix! There are a few TV shows that I have seriously been loving recently and I just can’t help myself. When I look at the time, It’s a few hours later! But I don’t regret anything, I love watching these TV shows and they are definitely worth it! It’s just when I get to the end of the season and then I’ve got to wait for them to start again. Anyway, below are some of the TV show I class as most binge-worthy.

1. Teen Wolf. 

This is a more recent one I have started watching, but I’m almost at the end of season 2. I am a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi. Scott McCall gets bitten by a werewolf and his whole life changes. He helps to protect his family and friends, whilst coping with how being a werewolf affects his life. I love how close Scott and his best friend Stiles is. Real friendship goals right there. I’ve been watching Teen Wolf on Netflix, but it only goes up to the end of season 2 on there, so I’m really hoping that they add the other seasons real soon. 

2. Once Upon A Time.

I have watched every episode of Once Upon A Time so far and I’m currently waiting for the next new episodes to start. After watching the first few episodes of this, I was hooked. Although I had heard about OUAT, I hadn’t watched any episodes when it came out. But I had heard so many good things about it. But I am so happy that I did start watching it. Emma Swan must help her family and friends to save Storybrook and there lots of adventures they all go on. We get to go to different lands such as, The Enchanted Forest, Neverland, Arendelle, OZ and quite a few others. I love how they have incorporated lots of fairy tale characters to the TV show.

3. iZombie.

I am obsessed with all things Zombie, which is why I have added this one. Even if your not that into zombie programmes, I highly recommend checking this one out. Like with Teen Wolf, this is a more recent one I have started watching. I’m almost at the end of Season 2. I remember watching a trailer for iZombie quite sometime ago, as it has one of the actors in from Once Upon A Time, I thought to myself, that I really need to watch this. Liv who gets scratched by a zombie, ends up waking up to being a zombie herself. Liv tries to live a normal life whilst keeping this huge secret. We do however still get to see full raging zombies within this programme. There are some laugh out loud moments too which I love. 

4. Pretty Little Liars.

Brilliant show with brilliant actors. After watching the first couple of episodes I really got in to this. Set in the town Rosewood, this show follows the lives of four girls, Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily. After their friend Alison goes missing they start receiving quite scary messages from someone known as A. There are lots of twists and turns and mysteries to be solved. It’s getting pretty intense right now!  

5. The Walking Dead.

I have been a huge fan of The Walking Dead since the beginning. As soon as I heard a few years ago that a Zombie TV was starting I knew I had to watch it. I remember watching the first ever episode and thing ‘wow.’ I’ve been following it ever since. In the first episode, we see Rick wake up in hospital with no one around, quickly realising that something terrible is going on and that a Zombie apocalypse has happened. Full of twists and turns this show will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. Although I have watched all of the episodes up-to-date, I do love going back to the first ever episode and watching a few. I love it more and more each time. In fact, it was because of The Walking Dead, that started off my love for all things Zombie! 

6. American Horror Story.

I literally got through season 1-4 in very little time. So addicting to watch. There are definitely a few scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat and make you jump. This show is 100% worth watching. Each season is different with different characters in, although most of the actors stay the same, which I love, as we then get to see them playing different people in each season. I’m yet to watch Hotel, as Netflix hasn’t added it yet still, but I am really hoping they do, as it has Lady Gaga in. I think if I had to pick a season as my favourite, I would have to say season 4.

7. Orange Is The New Black.

OITB has so many laugh out loud moments and is full of amazing characters. Piper gets sentenced to 15 months is prison for a crime committed when she was younger, which had caught up with her. Piper leaves her fiance Larry and arrives in her new home, which is a woman’s prison. Although we get to follow Piper, we also get to follow other characters and follow their story of how they ended up in prison. There are some pretty tense moments and funny monents, but highly addictive to watch.

8. Friends.

‘How you doin?’ I just had to add that in there! Who doesn’t love watching friends. You can never watch too many episodes of Friends! I just had to add this one in my list. I never get bored of watching the same episodes over and over again. In fact, I love them more each time I do watch them and they make me laugh even more each time. I’ve lost count how many times I have watched each episode. I was so sad when the show come to an end. 

A few shows that I do want to start watching are: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The 100, Homeland, The Leftovers and Gotham. 

What TV shows are you currently watching or binge-watching? I’m always on the lookout for new ones to watch.

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