My day in food!

My day in food

It’s so difficult to find things you can eat when you are unable to eat certain foods.

As i am unable to have dairy, wheat and gluten, i wanted to sure with you some of the foods that i eat.

I am definitely getting used to all of the free from food, to be honest i actually prefer it because most of it tastes so yummy and i haven’t got to worry about it making me not very well.

I usually go to Sainsburys as they have the largest free from range. They have a lot of different things to choose from. I also get bits from Morrisons and also Asda have now got a bigger free from section. I also go to my local health shop to get certain bits like cereal, biscuits and dairy free cheese (which is so yummy) you can also get a dairy free cheese spread too! Hollanad and Barret also do these cheeses and they usually have some great offers on too. 

I forgot to take a photo of my breakfast, oops! But i usually have a bowl of gluten free porridge or some free from bread with jam and peanut butter. I also sometimes have a bowl of free from cereal.

Here i hava a dairy, wheat and gluten free bread roll, which are so nice, with a salad. In the roll i just have some of the dairy free spread and cheese with tomato and on the salad i have tomato, cucumber, cheese and olives.

For dessert i just fancied a pancake! random i know! 

I use the wheat and gluten free flour to make pancakes, with soya milk and eggs. I also usually cook my pancakes in coconut oil which is delicious and smells so good 🙂 or i use extra virgin olive oil as i am unable to use any other oils. I put some maple syrup on mine.

For my tea, which may look like a strange mixture, i had mackerel in olive oil with wheat and gluten free macaroni pasta, which i got from Morrisons, with homademade cheese sauce. I made the sauce using my free from flour, dairy free cheese, soya milk and some dairy free butter. I also had some salad and broke up some free from bread that i toasted on top.

The hardest thing i have found is going out for meals, but there are some local pubs and restaurants that are amazing at making me something that i can eat. For example plain salmon with potatoes and veg, plain jacket potato with prawns and salad or maybe just a mixture of different items off the menu. Everything just has to be plain, no sauces and dressings. I also have to be careful and ask what they cook there food in and make sure there is no dairy in anything.

It would be wonderful though if more places would cater for people who can’t have certain foods. I am unable to have onion powder and onion powder is in EVERYTHING! so i have to be really careful. My dietician is amazing and she helped me loads in finding out foods which i can and can’t eat.  I also only eat fish, chicken and turkey as i no longer eat red meat. At least i can still eat chocolate, dairy free chocolate that is 🙂 although its not the same and does taste slightly different its still yummy, and biscuits too!

Please let me know in the comment section below if you are unable to have dairy, wheat and gluten. Also do you struggle finding foods that don’t have onion powder in? 

Please let me know what foods you enjoy eating and where you get yours from.


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