My Favourite Fragrances

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day. This morning started out quite dull and grey with some rain, but it’s so nice out now. I even took Jasper (the dog) out for a little walk along the river. Today I have got a brand new beauty post for you and it’s all about fragrances. I love doing beauty posts and I’m very excited to share with you this one today. For more beauty posts, check out my reviews on the Makeup Revolution, Iconic Smokey PaletteBody Mist by So…?Stila Colour Balm Lipstick in Avery and Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wash.

Do you ever automatically get transported to a specific time or place when you smell a certain fragrance? I know I do. There are certain fragrances that just bring back so many memories. For example when I smell Fantasy by Britney Spears, (one of my favourite fragrances,) I’m transported back to my years at college, as it was my go-to perfume. When I smell Fame by Lady Gaga, I’m back in Cornwall again. When I smell Let’s Spritz by Zoella, it transports me back to camping with my friend Emma. I needed some perfume whilst on holiday and I found a Superdrug with the Zoella range in, I just had to get it and it was all I spritzed on myself. I find it amazing what perfume can do to our senses. When I smell any of the original So…? fragrances from quite a few years back, it reminds me of being at secondary school, and getting out my body spray and spraying maybe just a little too much all over myself and my friends. So…? Kiss Me was a favourite of mine. I can even picture a particular moment when I used it at school, what I was doing at that exact moment, getting it out of my school bag and remembering how much I loved the smell of it.

Below are a couple of the perfumes mentioned above and also some others that bring back memories. I also find that mens fragrances do the same to me too. Sometimes someone will walk past me in the street and the smell will bring memories flooding back. 

I’m so excited to share with you perfumes L’Occitane have recently released, a brand new range of women’s fragrances that are inspired by the South of France and include notes of lavender, rose, neroli, cherry blossom and more. I love that how a perfume can not only remind you of certain moments throughout your life, but also transport you somewhere by bringing the scent of a place to you in a bottle. The new range is also available in roll-on formats, travel minis, including alcohol-free solid perfumes, which are practical for when you want something small to fit in your bag, when going out for the day or out at night, and they look lovely too.

I love the smell of lavender and rose and I do love a good floral fragrance. Each fragrance from the range comes in a gorgeous bottle and the travel size ones come in lovely packaging.

“Whether it’s floral rose fields blossoming in your bedroom, or invigorating verbena flourishing in your office, our range of women’s fragrances means that Provence will always follow you no matter your taste.”

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