My Favourite Lipsticks

I have a huge love for lipsticks. Ever since I was little I remember I was always really intrigued by lipsticks and I would borrow some of my mums to try on. I think I ended up getting most of it on my face rather than on my lips, whilst licking most of it off! But from them on I have always loved a good lipstick. Over the years I have found out which shades seem to suit my skin tone best and which ones don’t. I’ve found that really pale shades, don’t seem to suit me as much. I do love a nice pink colour and coral too.

Whenever I go in to either Superdrug or Boots I just have to go look at them. I’ve put together a post of a few of my most favourite ones that I own and are always my go-to lipsticks. I will admit though, that when it comes to choosing a lipstick, I do tend to go for the same shade of lipstick. But I am going to try and break that habit and try out some different shades. It’s only recently that I have started wearing red lipstick for instance. But I absolutely love it.

From left to right in the photo above there is the Mac lipstick in CB 96, Rimmel London lipstick in the shade Coral in Gold, Topshop lipstick in Ditsy, Rimmel London in the shade Nude Pink, Rimmel London lipstick in the shade Alarm and MUA lipstick in the shade Niall – Moments (One Direction). This last one in the photo unfortunately as far as I know you can’t get anymore, apart from on ebay. When it came out, I stocked up on it just in case because I loved it so much. Unfortunately my other one broke, so this is my last one! If I had to pick one out of the 6 above that gets used the most, I would have to say that it is the Coral in Gold one.

choosing lipsticks I usually either go for a pink shade or a coral
shade, (as you can tell from the photos). I am obsessed with the Coral in Gold lipstick, as when I was
younger I bought a lipstick from Avon which was almost the same shade as
the Rimmel one and I loved it so much, but I could never find one
similar. So a few years back when I found out that Rimmel do a coral
lipstick with a touch of gold in it, I just had to get it. I also
stocked up on this one too! I just don’t like the thought of one day
going in the shop and they don’t do it anymore. So I have an extra one for when it runs out! I did also actually find a lisptick by Nars that had a gold touch to it, but was more of a deeper red shade. It was gorgeous, but unfortunately it broke 😭 and then fell on the floor! The gold in the lipsticks just makes your lips shine a lovely gold shade when in the light, which I love.

This next lipstick is by Stila and it’s in the shade Avery, which is a peachy coral shade. I absolutely love this one. It has a really lovely creamy texture that feels so nice when applying to the lips. It also has a touch of menthol in it, which you can feel tingle on your lips. It’s just a really great lipstick. This is actually my first and only makeup product I own by Stila and I would definitely love to try some of their other ones. 

Lastly, the final lipstick in my list of favourites is the liquid lipstick by GOSH in the shade Candyfloss. I am really loving liquid lipsticks at the moment. I just think that they are amazing. I especially love this one by GOSH as it is a matt liquid lipstick and I find that it is quite long lasting and applies really easily to the lips. A little also goes a long way with this one. GOSH have an awsome range of liquid lipsticks, I definitely recommend checking them out.

What are your favourite lipsticks?


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