My Favourite Things About Spring

Here are a few things that I love about Spring…

I love springtime and I especially love it when all of the pretty flowers start to bloom. 

Lighter evenings.

Although we do end up losing an hour in bed when the clocks change, it’s worth it because then the evenings last longer. Although during the Winter I love to snuggle up in my blanket and watch TV when the nights start to pull in, it’s nice to be able to have that little bit longer of daylight. 


My favourite Springtime flowers are, Daffodils, Tulips and Snowdrops. I love all of the pretty colours of tulips that you can get. I also love the smell of fresh flowers.  

Flowering Trees.
It’s a beautiful sight when after a cold winter, the trees burst with life in Spring and there are lots of pretty blossom on the tress.

Birds Singing.
I love the sounds of birds singing in the morning, it’s one of my most favourite sounds to wake up to.

The weather starts to get a little bit warmer.

As soon as it’s springs the next season will be summer, which means warmer weather. Like I said above I love Autumn and Winter, but it’s lovely to have nice warm weather again. 

Picnics in the woods.

Yes you read that right. If you have read some of my previous blog posts, you will know that I love going to Sandringham Woods and having a picnic in their. At Sandringham there is a huge part of the woods that you are able to drive through, with little turnings in the woods where you can park your car and have a picnic or go for a walk. Its so beautiful there and you also get lots of little visitors, such as, Squirrels,  Jay Birds and small Deer.

Spring Clothes.

I love florals, I have a few cardigans with floral prints on them, so I’m excited to get them out and wear, especially as the weather is getting a little bit warmer now. I used to wear a lot of dark colours all of the time and then my mum introduced me to some lovely florals prints, now I love to wear them and lots of bright colours.

What are your favourite things about Spring?


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