My Mini Shower Gel Collection by The Body Shop

Hey everyone! How’s your weekend going? I hope you’re having a good one. I think I’ve mentioned on here about my dreams before, because oh my gosh, I do have some strange ones. But do you ever have dreams where you dream about people you have never seen or met before? Because that’s what my dream was. There were people in it that I’ve never seen before. But the dream felt so real and it felt like a really long dream too, like I can actually remember most of it, which doesn’t always happen, I tend to forget most of my dreams. But it was just such a strange dream. I can still picture the two people in it. I woke up this morning and just thought… ‘Who was that’? Anyway, enough of me rambling on about my dreams! I really should start one of those dream journals.

Before I get on to today’s new post, If you are a big fan of products by The Body Shop, like me, then I highly recommend checking out these gorgeous liquid lipsticks. Also in their makeup range, they do some really lovely eyeshadow palettes, which I absolutely love. I’ve got a few more products by The Body Shop coming up on my blog soon, which I really can’t wait to share with you. This week I received a very exciting package from Old English Company. There will be a blog post coming very soon, so watch this space.

For today’s post, I want to share with you my mini collection of The Body Shop shower gels. I do love a nice smelling shower gel, it just makes having a shower that little bit more lovelier and relaxing. The ones I have in the photos above and below are strawberry, coconut and mango. How cute does Fluttershy look in the photos! (She’s my favourite character from My Little Pony, so I just had to include her in some pics!) I love putting a generous amount of shower gel on to my pink scrunchie and lathering myself up with fruity bubbles!

One of my most favourite scents by The Body Shop is their strawberry scent. It’s just such a lovely smell. In the past, I’ve had their strawberry perfume, moisturiser and other body products. It’s so gorgeous. I’ve also had different coconut body products from The Body Shop too. One of my favourite things about the coconut scent is that you can really smell it. It’s nice and coconutty but it’s not overpowering, it’s just the right amount of coconut. Mango on the other hand, as far I as I know I’ve never tried any mango products by The Body Shop. But I have to say, I think this is my new favourite scent by them. It’s really sweet and fruity and you can really smell the mango.

With the shower gel, a little can go a long way, so you really don’t need to have a huge amount and the product can last you ages. For a 60ml bottle, it is £2. And for a 250ml it is £5. I love the quality of the products, not just the shower gels, but all different products by The Body Shop too. I find them to be kind to the skin, lovely and nourishing and for the body products especially, the scent is long lasting. My skin can be very sensitive, but I have always found that with The Body Shop products, my skin is fine with them and doesn’t cause irritation. They are also cruelty-free.

If you have used or own any skin care, body moisturisers or shower/bath products by The Body Shope, which ones do you love and are your favourite? Or which ones would you like to try?


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