My New Blog Header

I want to share with you in todays post, my new blog header. I’m so happy with, I love it. Ever since changing my blog design last year, to a design by Pipdig, I knew that I wanted to eventually get a new blog header, rather than just use the one that come with the design. Although there is nothing wrong at all with that, I just wanted to make my blog that little bit more personal and have my own unique header.

I contacted Jemma from and asked Jemma if she would be able to design a header for me. Having looked at Jemma’s designs I knew instantly that I wanted her to design one for me. Jemma got back in touch with me very quickly and asked me about what I would like and colours etc. Jemma then sent me some drafts to look at and I immediately knew which one I wanted to go for, they were all perfect but I knew which one I really wanted for my blog. I wanted to incorporate the things that I love into the design, for example I love reading and my blog mostly consists of lifestyle, beauty and food posts along with book reviews. I love the design of the header I chose and I especially love the little pictures around it, especially the laptop one as it helps show my love for blogging and writing.

Overall I am so happy with the header Jemma designed for me and I highly recommend checking out her blog if you are looking for a new blog header to.


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