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I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that you have a happy new year. My Christmas day was spent relaxing, eating lots of turkey and cranberry sauce and watching Harry Potter. I also may have had a nap too! I can’t believe how quick it’s already over, although, it’s still technically Christmas. To me it is anyway. We’ve still got all of the decorations up and the Christmas blog header is staying up a little longer yet! 

book review is My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. I didn’t
really know anything about this book before purchasing it, but as soon as I
read the description, I just had to get it. I actually got this from the
airport before going to Mexico, as I didn’t bring a book with me and
really wanted one to read on holiday. I am so happy that I got this book
as it’s on my list of my top favourite books of 2017. I absolutely love this
book and it was such a joy to read and is brilliantly written. I just love it when a book I’ve read really sticks in my mind for ages after reading it, when that happens, you know it’s a good book!

are not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed reading this book.
Even now whilst wiring this review, I’m just thinking about the
characters, I just didn’t want this book to end. I really want their to be a sequel! Here is a little bit about the book –

“Katie Brenner has the perfect life: a flat in London, a glamorous job, and a super-cool Instagram feed.

so the truth is that she rents a tiny room with no space for a
wardrobe, has a hideous commute to a lowly admin job, and the life she
shares on Instagram isn’t really hers. But one day her dreams are bound
to come true, aren’t they?

Until her not-so-perfect life comes
crashing down when her mega-successful boss Demeter gives her the sack.
All Katie’s hopes are shattered. She has to move home to Somerset, where
she helps her dad with his new glamping business.

Then Demeter
and her family book in for a holiday, and Katie sees her chance. But
should she get revenge on the woman who ruined her dreams – or try to
get her job back?

Does Demeter – the woman who has everything –
actually have such an idyllic life herself? Maybe they have more in
common than it seems. And what’s wrong with not-so-perfect, anyway?”

There is also a little romance in this story, which I absolutely adored. This is actually why I want there to be a sequel! I want to know what happens next. But the story as a whole was such an enjoyable read. The story first starts off with Katie commuting to work and we get to learn more and more about the main character of this book. Next we follow Katie with her new job and her boss Demeter. Katie thinks Demeter has the perfect life, she’s rich, she’s got a huge house and gets invited to loads of events. But although Katie thinks Demeter’s life is perfect, not everything is as it seems. Just because her boss has all of those things, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean that her life is perfect. Katie finds this out a little later on in the book. 

There was many moments in the book when I was thinking ‘what are you doing Katie?’ But I absolutely love Katie and want her as friend! As you have already read from the description above, Katie has to move back home and decides to help her dad with his new business. Even though I obviously know I can’t, I really want to stay at their glamping site! It just sounds so nice. Unknowingly to Katie, Demeter has decided to come stay at the glamping site with her family. (I’m not going to give too much away because I don’t want to spoil it, as it’s definitely a must read.) It’s definitely not going to be a relaxing holiday for Demeter and her family. But so many lessons are learned and friendships are made, along with finding love.

This is a book that I highly recommend reading. It’s so relatable and has many laugh out loud moments and also moments where it really makes you really appreciate things in life. That’s one of the things that I loved the most when reading this book. It also takes a close look at social media, and how things are not always as they are portrayed in photos. This is something that I felt was a very important part within this book and I’m really pleased that Sophie added this into it

I give this book a big 5/5.  

Have you read My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella?


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