My Thoughts On The Royal Wedding

Hey there! So yesterday, if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I went a little bit over the top with tweets on The Royal Wedding! But I am definitely not sorry for it. I absolutely loved it so much and I was an emotional mess! I think I started watching it from about maybe 9 perhaps. Somewhere around then. I decided to watch it on BBC1 so there wouldn’t be any breaks in between watching it! I started getting all emotional before the wedding even started. I don’t usually post on a Sunday anymore, but I just really wanted to write about the royal wedding and my thoughts on it. Don’t worry there is nothing negative in this post, trust me. I love the Royal Family so much and I am a huge fan. I’ve even written out a mindmap for this blog post before writing it all, as this is something I am extremely passionate about! If you read my post yesterday, you may have read my fun story about the time I met Prince Harry when I younger.

Firstly I really want to talk about the crowds of people. It was just such a spectacular sight, seeing that amount of people who came to watch. The streets were packed full. Apparently, some people had even been camping there for a few days. And I also remember hearing that some had been there since very early that morning. I know when they were interviewing people catching the train from the station to Windsor, the train company only has a certain amount of trains usually that run, but they did it so that there were regular trains coming and going all throughout. It just shows how much people love and adore the Royal Family and how a special occasion like this brings everyone out and together.

Ok, so I think it might have been around 10 am when the majority of guests started appearing. I was on the lookout on the TV to see who I could spot. The only celebrities I knew of that were going was Victoria and David and also obviously the cast from Suits. I did keep having a peek on Instagram to see if anyone who I follow had posted stories showing that they were there. One couple I was very excited to see there was Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario. Patrick was Meghan’s main co-star on Suits and you may know Troian from Pretty Little Liars. They are one of my most favourite celeb couples. When I went on Instagram I happened to see an Insta Story from Troian of her and the Suits cast getting on a coach ready to go to the wedding, so I was definitely super excited. There was also George and Amal Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Sir Elton John, James Blunt, James Corden, Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford, Joss Stone, Tom Hardy and so many more.

So one thing I think everyone does just about is looking to see what everyone was wearing! I know I was. I think maybe most people will agree with me that Amal Clooney’s dress was absolutely gorgeous. She looked so stunning. Amal wore a bright beautiful yellow dress by Stella McCartney with a gorgeous hat to match. The dress was a below the knee one with a loose bow at the back. George wore a very nice and smart suit with a tie and pocket that matched Amal’s dress. He definitely looked very handsome. But then again, it is George Clooney after all, so of course, he’s going to look handsome! Another favourite dress of mine is one that Carey Mulligan wore. She wore a beautiful and elegant dress by Erdem which had very pretty embroidered flower patterns on.

Meghan’s mum looked stunning in her green embroidered coat dress. She also wore a matching beret. Green and yellow seemed to be the key colours at this wedding. The Queen looked absolutely amazing as usual. The Queen wore a beautiful lime green coat with detailing on and a matching colour dress with purple on and a matching hat. Victoria Beckham wore a very sleek and elegant dress. I loved the pop of colour with her bright red shoes. Now when Meghan’s friends arrived together, I just couldn’t stop looking at their amazing dresses. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra wore a stunning skirt and blazer suit in a lovely pale lavender colour, which was by Vivienne Westwood. I also really loved Abigail Spencers polka dot dress. Lastly, I really did love Troian Bellisario’s dress. It was a lovely pale pink colour with long sleeves and matching hat and gorgeous gold shoes.

Everyone though wore such lovely outfits and looked stunning. All members of the Royal Family looked so amazing with what they wore. Although the two Princesses didn’t wear big hats like they did to Prince William and Kate’s wedding, I thought they looked beautiful in their dresses and hats.

Soon after 11 am members of the Royal Family started to arrive at the Church. Some arrived by foot and others arrived by car. At around this time, Meghan and her mum also left their overnight location and made their way to the church. I was just staring at the TV trying to see what dress Meghan was wearing! It was also at this time that I really needed a wee! I put a tweet out and someone wrote back to me telling me to go now before Meghan and her mum came on. So I literally ran to the toilet and made it back in time! 😂🙈I really didn’t want to miss anything.

About 15/20 mins before the Wedding ceremony started, Prince Harry and Prince William arrived. Now I was getting very excited! They looked so incredibly handsome, both of them. Then the Queen and Prince Phillip arrived and made their way into the Church. And it was just about time for the Wedding to start. When Megan arrived at the Church and got out of the car, (I was getting very emotional at this point) all I could think of was how beautiful she looked. Her dress was gorgeous. Meghan’s white gown was by Clare Waight Keller, who is a British designer and artistic director of Givenchy. One of my most favourite things about Meghan’s dress was the veil. Oh my, that veil was definitely something. It was incredible and stunning. It had floral detailing on it which represented all 53 countries of the Commonwealth. Meghan chose to have her two favourite flowers as the floral detailing on the veil.

I thought the Bridesmaids and Page Boys looked super cute. Altogether there were four page boys and six bridesmaids. There was Princess Charlotte, Zalie Warren, Florence Van Cutsem, Rylan Litt, Ivy Mulroney, Remi Litt, Brian and John Mulroney, Jasper Dyer and Prince George. The youngest of them is Zalie Warren, who is just 2 years old. So cute. One of my favourite parts was when the two twins were holding Meghan’s veil and as soon as they got into the Church entrance and the trumpets started, the look of surprise and delight on one of the little boy’s face was just so adorable.

How sweet is this, I didn’t even realise this until afterwards. The flowers that Meghan had were a gift from Prince Harry. He handpicked the flowers for her. I mean, if that isn’t true love, then I don’t know what is. Harry included Forget-Me-Knots as they were his mothers favourite flowers. They chose to have them flowers included to honour the memory of Princess Diana. I’m getting all emotional again just writing this. I also read that it has been suggested that an empty seat, next to Prince William, was Prince Harry’s way of paying respects to their mother Princess Diana.

The whole of the Wedding ceremony was beautiful. The music was just perfect, everything was perfect. I especially loved Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon. It was beautiful, powerful and had so much meaning to it. He delivered a very meaningful, important and lively speech in which he also quoted Martin Luther King. Every word he said was just so powerful and meant so much. “When love is the way, we actually treat each other, well, like we are actually family.” “When love is the way, we know that God is the source for us all, that we are brothers and sisters, children of God.” I’ve even followed Bishop Michael Curry on Twitter.

I cried so many happy tears throughout and it is a wedding I will never forget, even though I wasn’t actually there in person. It is a day that will go down in History and a day that will always be remembered. The way Harry looked at Meghan was magical and it was truly a magical and fairytale wedding. Oh, and when Harry said to Meghan, ‘you look amazing. I’m so lucky’.  That’s true love right there. I could write so much more about the Royal Wedding! This has literally been one of my all-time favourite posts to write. I hope you have enjoyed reading it.

I would love to know if you were at Windsor for the Royal Wedding, or if like me you watched it on TV? What were your favourite moments and outfits from the wedding?


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