Fashion: Oldrids – Bag Haul

We have had some lovely weather recently, although its quite cloudy outside today and a bit cooler. I hope you have had lovely weather too, I just can’t believe how quick the summer is going! I am looking forward to going back to college though, as much as I like the summer holidays I love being at college, so it’s always good to get back and see my friends.

I went to have a look in Oldrids yesterday, or Downtown as its also known as! If you don’t what Oldrids is, it is a massive department store that sells make up brands such as Clinique, Lancôme etc. they also sell perfume and designer clothes such as Superdry and high street such as Miss Selfridge. I think there are 3 floors in total to look around.

I have been looking for some new bags to put my toiletries in and also a new wash bag. I like to keep things neat and separate, as recently they have all just gone in one big bag and I can’t find anything! 

The first bag is a wash bag that I picked up, it’s just so cute, and pink!! The cat is adorable 🙂

This wash bag cost me just £12 which I though was very good.

The inside inside is fully waterproof and also has two pockets inside, which I am going to keep my razor and face scrubby in. 

There were other designs too in which this wash bag came in but I really liked the one with the cat on, as I’m obsessed with animals! Especially cats! ‘Crazy cat lady’

The next bag that I picked up is a fold out bag and has different compartments inside.

I love the inside of this bag, it’s really colourful and has butterflies inside, nice for summer.

There are two large compartments and an inside pocket.

This bag cost me just £12 in the sale as it should have been £24. 

This bag is big enough to put many items in and keep them safe.

The next two bags are identical, but the first one I am using to put creams in as it is a bit bigger than the other one. The smaller one I am using to put bits and bobs in such as makeup.

I love the design on this bag, and it only cost me £5 in the sale.

The inside is decorated pink with lots of pink love hearts 🙂

This one only cost me £3.50 in the sale.

This bag is also decorated the same inside.

I thought these bags were just so adorable, I think my favourite one has to be the wash bag with the cat on!



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