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The weekend has been and gone and it’s Monday already! But let’s not let that get us down. It’s a brand new week and a brand new day. It’s also been snowing outside here! My weekend was spent resting, watching Ice Age and starting Travellers on Netflix. It’s been on my list of things to watch for a while, so when I was recommended on Twitter to watch it, I just had to see what it’s all about. I’m really liking it. Also after seeing lots of Tweets over the weekend of the social media app Vero, I decided to join it. I’m actually really liking it. I love how you can share a variety of different things, such as books, TV shows and films, along with using it to promote your blog. If you’ve got it, let’s follow each other, you can find me by typing in Clementine Cousins in the search bar on the app. 

Today’s brand new blog post is in collaboration with Personalised Parties. As you can see from the photos above and below, you have probably already noticed that I went for the Unicron themed products! I just had to. I do love unicorns. They have a huge range of products to choose from, including specific themed products for all different types of parties. For example, you can get party packs for a superhero party, a unicorn party, mermaid party and the list goes on. They even have a wide range of books available on the site, which you really must check out. It includes personalised Disney books and you can also get Thomas the Tank Engine and Peter Rabbit books too. If you are looking for the perfect gift or planning a party, then this is the site for you.

Here’s a little bit about Personalised Parties –

“ was created in 2017 to provide a range of personalised party ware and gifts for all the family but initially concentrating on children. We passionately believe in creating wonderful designs and partnering the most popular licenses in order to make fantastic products that show you’ve really thought about someone in order to make that special day just a little bit more special and to make the present you’ve carefully considered a real winner. is part of the Hacche Retail Ltd group, which has spent many years supplying the major UK retailers such as M&S and John Lewis with a wide range of gifts and partnering major licenses such as Disney, Peppa Pig and Mary Berry to name a few.”

As you can see, I decided to go for the unicorn notebook, with plain pages, as I thought this would be perfect to use as a journal and to do some drawing in. It’s also got my name on it, which means everyone will know it’s mine! I also decided to choose the unicorn mug, which I absolutely love. I mean, I’ve actually got a unicorn mug, with my name on! Which is awesome. I got a little worried for a start, as because I have a long name, I didn’t know whether I would be able to have 10 letters on the mug and notebook, but I could, which is great, especially if you have a long name like myself. I also just want to say about the quality of the paper inside the notebook, and how amazing quality it is. Sometimes I get a notebook and the paper is so thin, that I’m too scared to use it! But the paper is just the right thickness.

The website is super easy to navigate through and to choose your items. You can either search for what you are looking for, or click on the links on the drop-down menus. I found it really quick and easy to personalise each item and when placing the order. If you are looking at placing a larger order, you can get free delivery on orders over £50 (UK mainland only). I am honestly so happy with the products I received. They are amazing quality, they arrived safely in the post and the designs on the products are truly stunning.

I highly recommend checking out Personalised Parties, as their products are amazing, affordable and I love the huge range of items they have.

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