Fashion: Primark Jewellry Haul

I went to Primark the other day and I just couldn’t help myself when I saw these pieces of Jewellry.

My favourite piece is this bracelet on the pictures above. 

I love the 3 big jewels on the front of the bracelet and how detailed it is.

The strap is brown and does up really easy on the back as you just clip it together. It has 2 clips on the back in case you want it tighter or looser.

It fits really well, and I love wearing it.

This bracelet only cost me a couple of pounds, which is a real bargain as it looks like it would have cost a lot more.

The next piece I got is this lovely oversized ring.

Ive been wanting one for ages but could never find any to fit me as I have small fingers.

Its very detailed and has a large pink jewel in the middle.

It looks so pretty and this too only cost me a couple of pounds.

I have been seeing a lot of these types of bracelets recently, but some which I have seen have been a lot of money. So these went straight in my basket when I saw them, as they were in the sale at 50p!

This one too was only 50p.

And this one!!

I picked up these bracelets as they really caught my eye.

(You may have already seen these bracelets on my previous blog post)

These cost me a couple of pounds.

Lastly I got these ring stacks. I love them, they have so much detailing on them. A couple have little jewels on and others have little charms hanging off them. There are 8 rings in total.

These cost me £3.


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