Printiki Photo Printing Service | Review

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve done a blog post, but I’m back today with a brand new one. I hope you are having a lovely week so far. 

One thing that I really miss is taking photos and then going to get the film developed and having the photos in physical form. Now I just take photos on either my phone or my camera and upload them straight to my laptop, or I forget about them and like with photos on my old phone, I never see them again. I used to love buying a new photo album and sorting through my photos and putting the best ones into an album. In todays post, I am really excited to share with you, Printiki’s photo printing service. 

When Printiki contacted asking me if I would like to have my photos turned into printed versions, I was so excited to order some. I was sent a voucher for 30 square M prints*. I firstly just want to say that the photos are have turned out perfect. They are excellent quality and so beautiful and they arrived quickly in the post. The process was also really easy when ordering the prints. You are able to print straight from your Instagram, camera roll and devices.

I knew exactly which photos I wanted printing. I mainly ordered prints of my family and myself and also photos that have great memories attached to them, such as photos I took on holiday. I also ordered some prints with the photos I have taken for blog posts, as they are going to be great adding into future blog posts. I love them so much. I’ve also seen some great ideas for DIY projects using the prints, which I am really excited to try.

To find out more and get your photos printed, visit Printiki. They have a range of other amazing products too.

Check out their Instagram too, there are so many beautiful photos of their prints.


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