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Yay! It’s the weekend! I hope you have a fab one. Wow, it’s been so nice outside the last couple of days. I’m looking forward to this warm weather that we are having this next week. I can’t wait. I really want to make the most of the warm weather while it’s here. I would love to know what your up to this weekend? Today’s brand new post is all about prop ideas for your blog photos. But first, here’s a little bit of what I’ve been upto. Well, I’m almost at the end of watching Friends now. Re-watching it from the very beginning has actually made me realise that I have actually seen every episode, maybe not in the right order, but I’ve actually watched them all. I’ve still got a few episodes to go yet, so I’m not going to speak too soon, but I was sure there was probably maybe at least one or two episodes I might not have seen before!

Also before I get on to today’s post! My little Bonsai Tree finally has a name! Check out yesterday’s post if you’re wondering what on earth I’m going on about! 😂🙈After asking on Twitter what you think I should call my little Bonsai, I’ve decided to go with the name Bonnie. Bonnie the Bonsai! But don’t worry, I will keep on doing some little updates on here to let you know how Bonnie is doing! I got Bonnie this tube of special feed for Bonsai Tree’s and my little Bonsai really seems to be enjoying it. You just pop it into the soil and the woman who recommended it said that the Bonsai will just take some when it needs it. As Bonnie was on the reduced to clear section, my poor little tree needed some extra TLC, so I’m guessing that’s why Bonnie is very hungry! 😭💕

You may remember a little while back I wrote about how I take and edit my photos. I did briefly touch on blog props, but I thought that I would do a whole new blog post, just on ideas for props and what I use. I must admit, that when I go into a shop, I honestly do just look for things that I can use for props. When I go to Primark, I’m straight to the homeware section to check out what they have got. I’ve got quite the growing collection now of things to use as props. Some I’ve actually still not used yet. There are so many shops that you may not have really thought about going in to get blog props, but don’t worry I’m going to tell you about them in this post. I absolutely love reading posts on blog props, as I love finding new ones. So if you have any posts on props, please leave me your links in the comments below.

Clem Loves prop ideas for blog photos

Prop Ideas For Blog Photos

Flowers – So, one of the main things I use in my photos and that you might have already have guessed what it is, it’s flowers. I don’t actually use real ones in my photos, only occasionally. I use artificial ones as they basically live forever! It also allows me to add a theme to my photos, which you may have seen on my Instagram. I usually feature the same flowers, but just mix them up a little. I mainly use pinks and orange ones. You can get such a huge selection of artificial flowers in shops, such as garden centres, Wilko’s, eBay and other online shops. You can get really affordable ones on eBay. There are so many to choose from! I picked up a few bunches the other day form QD, as they were just over a £1 each. I love looking in Charity shops, not just for clothes, but also see what other little bits I can find. My mum found me some really gorgeous artificial flowers from one Charity shop, which I use in so many of my photos, and some other little bits and bobs too, which I will mention below.

Ornaments, trinket dishes and more – These are some of my absolute faves to use in photos. I think my most favourite thing to use at the moment for photos, is this super cute and pretty Unicorn tea light holder, that my boyfriend got for me from Asda. You can actually still get these as a pack of two online when I last looked. Another couple of favourites of mine are both from Primark. The Marie trinket dish and the Chip mug. I love that Primark is doing so many Disney items in their homeware section. The little white (I’m trying to think what you would call this) trinket box type thing, in this photo, is what my mum picked up from a Charity shop. I absolutely love it and it looks great in beauty post photos. I used it for this post too. The mini star tray with baubles in that I used for this post, is also from a Charity shop. You can really find so many hidden gems that would be great for props to use in photos.

In the photo above, you may have noticed the little mini wooden treasure chest. I recently got this from QD for £3.99 I think it was. As soon as I saw it I just knew that I had to have it. This is my first photo using it and I am so happy with it. I decided to pop a lipstick in it.

Pretty little things – (That’s all I can think of to call these! 😂🙈) I love adding that little something extra to my photos. A while back now, I got some mini rose gold bells from eBay, which were so affordable and they look so cute. I recently used them in this post. I remember seeing someone else use something similar and I went straight on eBay to look. You can get quite a few in a pack, so you have plenty to use. I just love how they give the photos that something extra. Especially being rose gold! I also love to use beads and little stars just scattered across my backdrop. I used some really colourful beads in this post and I used some of the little stars and beads in this post.

Makeup – I love using makeup in my photos as props. I like to use lipsticks in my photos a lot and makeup also looks fab in flatlays. Products such as eyeshadow palettes, blush and highlighters. Makeup products are perfect to use because I’ve always got some products laying about my bedroom somewhere. I used a couple of my Urban Decay lipstick in this post photo and the in the photo above.

Stationary – I have a thing for collecting stationery. Especially notebooks! I mean, they come in so handy for writing down blog ideas etc, but they look great in a photo too. In this post, I did a little stationary haul on these products I got from Sainsbury’s. They are so cute and I love how they look in my photos. I am also really loving these by Old English Company, especially the little pins.

Fairy Lights – I recently got some fairy lights from Primark and I haven’t really used them yet in any photos for my blog, but I have seen so many amazing photos which have fairy lights in them. I’m still thinking about how I would use them. Please let me know in the comments if you use fairy lights in your photos and any tips you may have for using them. I love the pretty effect they give photos and the type of bokeh effect too. They look super cute and look great in flatlays.

Books – I am a huge book lover. Books are great used in the background for photos. I like to pick out a few of my favourite books and you can also colour coordinate them too to match with the main item or product in your photos. In this post, I used some books, along with the artificial flowers and Unicorn tea light holder.

Overall I think my most favourite shops to get cute and affordable props from are, Primark, QD, Asda, eBay, Wilko’s and Charity shops.

There are so many more different items and products that can be used as props for photos. I would love to know what props you use? I will most likely also keep updating this post with other ideas for props, as I’m always on the lookout. 😀💕


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