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This is actually my first time posting photos with my new camera. I recently purchased the Canon 700d which I absolutely love. Please be patient while I get used to using it though. The 700d takes beautiful photos. I am still using my trusty iPhone 5 to takes photos, but as a keen lover of taking photographs I wanted to treat myself to a nice camera. I will be doing a blog post soon on the 700d. I really hope you like my photos.

I have recently purchased a copy of Ella’s book Deliciously Ella, (blog post to come.) There are so many amazing and beautiful photos in the book and I seriously can’t wait to start making them. I’ve been trying to keep up with he healthy eating, I think I’m doing quite well, although there has been a couple of slip ups where I literally stuffed a whole dairy, wheat and gluten free chocolate cupcake in to my mouth. It wasn’t a pretty sight but oh my, how good it tasted! I feel it’s always good to treat ourselves now and again, Ive since realised that when I devoured a whole chocolate cupcake, on more than one occasion. I’ve also started going for walks and I hope to get the bike out again soon, as the last time I actually went somewhere on my bike was about 10 years ago! (Yes that’s right, 10 years ago.)

I am a huge fan of tomatoes and I eat them just about every day. I’ve never actually tried a beef tomato. (A beef tomato is a very big tomato and tastes delicious.) As I love quinoa, I thought it’s only fair that I stuff the tomato with the quinoa. I decided to put some salmon with it and which created the perfect meal that tastes amazing. First, cutting a circle on top of the tomato, I then scooped out some of the middle, which can get quite messy if your not careful! After doing that I then popped the beef tomato in the oven whilst I cooked quinoa in a pan and cooked the salmon so everything was cooked together and done at the same time. I have really been loving quinoa lately, it tastes delicious. Usually when I cook mine, I pop it in a pan with boiling water and then pop in some coconut oil as it really add thats little bit more flavour and sprinkle some salt in to the pan too. That is how I cook my pasta so I thought why not quinoa too.

I would love to see your recipes. Please post your links in the comment section below.

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