Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

Some of you may know how much I love a good face mask, this one in particular I feel needs to be talked about, trust me once you try this you will know what I’m talking about. So I actually recently see this mask being used by Zoe (Zoella) on one of her videos and being all obsessed over face masks decided to hunt this down in the shops. So I went to my local Boots store and ‘yay’ I found it. 

This is the Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask.  

The warmth of this Sanctuary Thermal Detox self-heating mask helps to open up the pores so the charcoal and kaolin clay can help draw out the impurities from deep within the skin.”

How I apply this face mask –
First up I make sure that I have taken off all of my make up and that my skin is nice and clean, whilst leaving the skin slightly damp ready to apply the mask. I then squeeze out some of the product on to my finger tips, i only use a tiny amount as a little goes a long way, I then massage it all over my face avoiding the delicate eye area. I also apply some to my neck. I relax for 5 minutes and then rinse off with warm water and then pat my face dry.

What I think – 
I had read so many great reviews about this product and after I saw Zoe using it I decided to give it a try. So when i first applied this mask after thoroughly cleansing my skin and removing all trace of make up, as soon as I applied it I felt the warmth of it all over my skin. After a few seconds I could feel it starting to cool down. This mask is so easy to apply and feels great on the skin. Having quite sensitive skin I have to be so careful as to what I use on my face but my skin is 100% ok with this product. I am a huge fan of Sanctuary so its no surprise that this is a truly amazing product. With some masks I find it hard to remove the product off my skin but this one just comes straight off which I like leaving no trace that you had even had a face mask on, apart from the fact that my skin looks noticeably healthier and glowing after taking it off. This has definitely become one of my must have items and will be one I keep going back to. Since using this mask I have noticed a huge improvement in how my skin looks and the occurrence of spots has definitely reduced.

The usual price for this face mask is £10.50, but remember to keep an eye out for offeres from time to time as i picked this beauty up for about £6.99. You can buy this from your local Boots store or online over at 


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