Seventeen Instant Glow

I recently went on the hunt for a new bronzer. Its been a while since I’ve a used a bronzer and my last one i bought had all crumbled! Don’t you just hate it when that happens. I went in to Boots and decided to have a look around in there for one. (I also had a coupon to use!)

I haven’t really purchased many products by Seventeen, only a couple in the past, but they have such a huge range now and some fantastic looking products. I love the packing the products come in.

Here is what Seventeen say about this product:

These gorgeous pink and bronze rocks can be used to contour, highlight, and create a bronzed shimmer. Just dust on with the SEVENTEEN Shimmer brush, or use the rocks individually to create a more intense effect.”

To apply this bronzer on to my skin i use one of my Bubbi brushes (Bubzbeauty.)

This product applies really well and a little goes a long way.

The packaging is just too cute and i love the little pink and bronze rocks.

As you can see you get a lot of product. This cost me £4.99 which i feel is very reasonably priced and worth it.

The bronzing rocks are very pigmented as you can see. Usually when i have bought bronzing rocks before with different brands, they end up crumbling and going everywhere. But with this one, that hasn’t happened which i am really pleased about. I find it so hard to also find a bronzer that suits my skin tone, but this one by Seventeen really suits my pale skin. I highly recommend getting this product as to me its the best bronzer I’ve owned. 


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