Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lip Cream in Rioja Red | Review

Good morning! Well, actually it’s almost afternoon now, but anyway I hope you are having a lovely day. It’s been snowing! We’ve actually had some more snow, but this time it doesn’t seem to have settled, plus the sun is coming out a little now. I knew that we were meant to be getting some snow here in Lincolnshire, but I didn’t actually think we would probably get any! I woke up at about half 2 this morning and looked outside, to see that there were snowflakes falling from the sky. It’s also been snowing on and off all morning. Have you had or got any snow where you are? But it is so cold outside, I’m currently writing this whilst sitting in bed with my blanket over me! I’ve also had to put the heating on too. Slight change of subject and completely off topic, but I quickly have to mention about the Cristopher Robin Disney trailer. I mean wow, It gave me goosebumps! Seeing Pooh there at the end gave me so many feels. I really can’t wait to watch this film. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, I highly recommend doing so. Let me know what you think when you have watched it. 

Before I get into this post, be sure to check out my previous posts, The Duchess Deal, I highly recommend checking this book out, I love it. You can check out my review and there’s also an extract from the book too. Also, there’s my review of the Kiss The Unicorn Lipstick, which is also a colour-changing lipstick by Essence and it is so pretty, super affordable and it’s got Unicorn in the name! Lastly, I’ve also got advertising spaces left for April on ClemLoves, click here to find out more if you are interested. It’s only £3 for the month. I look forward to hearing from you. 😀

For today’s post I want to share with you, (and yes that is another lipstick you can see in the photos above and below), this gorgeous liquid lipstick/lip cream by Sleek Makeup. I really am currently loving red lipstick. Check this one out by Urban Decay. Sleek Makeup does amazing and gorgeous makeup, I love their packaging. I absolutely love their blushes, they are so pretty. I really do hope that my local Superdrug will start stocking Sleek Makeup, as it currently doesn’t, so I really only get to look at their products if I go to a bigger town or city. Obviously, there’s online shopping, but I always love to have a look first before buying makeup. 

The texture of this lip cream is definitely creamy, also before I forget to mention, a little goes a long way with this one, so don’t do what I did and put loads on! As it was my first time using this product, I accidentally loaded the applicator with a little too much! But it does glide really easily on the lips and it actually feels really nice on my lips too. It definitely does what the description says, glides on in one application. Sometimes when I have worn a liquid lipstick, I find that they can be a little drying and you can definitely feel that you have got it on your lips. With this one, I hardly knew it was there. It wasn’t drying on the lips and it lasts too. I also found that even after having a glass of water, the lip cream stayed put. I looked in the mirror at it a time or two and it was perfectly fine. When I took the glass away from my lips, there wasn’t hardly anything on it. It’s definitely a great little product and worth getting. Fits perfectly in a handbag and looks great on the lips any time of the day, day or night.

This one is in the shade Rioja Red. There are a few other shades in the range, ones I am really loving also are, Apricot Blooms, Crushed Lavender, French Fancy and Velvet Slipper. Cute names, right?! If you head on over to Boots website, I’ve just seen that they have a 3 for 2 offer on, on selected makeup. Before using liquid lipsticks, I always feel it’s best to prep and remove any dead skin before applying, just because of how quick liquid lipsticks settle on the lips. It can become quite noticeable. If you are looking at getting a lip scrub, highly recommend the Lush ones, they last ages, are affordable and taste delicious! I don’t know if a lot of people do this or not, but whenever I used to use lipstick I would always use a bit of tissue to blot any excess lipstick off, but the last sort of year or so I don’t actually do that anymore. Obviously if a little goes on to the skin, I use a little bit of tissue to remove it, for actualy blotting the lips, I don’t do that anymore. What do you do, I would love to know?

Have you tried any makeup products by Sleek Makeup? If so which ones do you love?


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