Spending The New Year In Scotland

My boyfriend Chris and I decided to spend the New Year in Scotland right next to the beach. We wanted to make the New Year that little bit more special, also as it’s our first time going on holiday together, we wanted to have some lovely memories. I suppose you could say we were staying literally on the beach. It was beautiful waking up every morning and looking at the amazing view of the sea and all that was around us too. We stayed at a place called Rascarrel Bay Lodges, which is situated in Rascarrel Bay Beach, Dumfries and Galloway, in South West Scotland. I’ve added a photo at the bottom of this post of the lodge we stayed in.

As it took quite a few hours for us to get there, it was dark when we arrived, but it was so nice hearing the sea as we were unpacking our things from the car. The lodge that we stayed in was so perfect. It had a lovely sized bedroom and bathroom, living room/dining room/kitchen. There was also a utility room and toilet and a hallway, along with a balcony, which also has an outside sitting area and hot tub, (which I absolutely loved). 

During our first day there, the first thing I did was get up and head straight for the balcony to look at the sea. The views were even more amazing than I had imagined. As it was dark when we arrived, I was so excited to be able to look out to the sea the next morning. Throughout the night I could hear the sea, it was so relaxing. Afterwards I got some breakfast ready, we watched some TV and then got ready and went out for a walk. As it was New Year, we already knew that there wouldn’t be much open, so we wanted to make the most of what was around up and go on a little adventure around the beach and nearby. We actually ended up walking quite a way. We first went down to the beach and climbed over some of the rocks and made our way along the beach and then made our way to the pathway that went along the sea. Although it was quite cold, it was so beautiful. 

I think my most favourite part of the walk was getting to see these two donkeys. They were so friendly and were quite interested as to what I was doing. I also make sure to visit them on the way back from our walk too. They are so cute. We walked a little way up one of the big hills where there was a bench, and sat and looked at the views for a bit before heading back.

When we got back to lodge I think the long walk and the fresh air got to us and as we started to watch some TV, we both fell asleep for a bit. We then cooked some tea and then got the hot tub ready. I’ve not actually been in a hot tub before so I was really looking forward to it. Although it was really cold out, I soon warmed up. After the hot tub, we then went back inside and waited for the countdown to the New Year to begin. 

I’m not too sure, but I think in the photo above is what someone has been making where they have put things together that have washed up onto the shore. I just had to take a photo of it.

I had an amazing time in Scotland and I really hope to go back again soon. It would be so good to stay in this lodge again. Maybe go exploring more as there are quite a few things to look at. Also there was a few castles nearby, which would be great to go look round. I can’t wait for our next adventure together.

All photos have been taken by myself.


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