St Ives | Timeless Skin Daily Microdermabrasion Face Scrub

I am a huge fan of the St. Ives face scrubs as they are perfect for my sensitive skin. The one in the photos above is the Timeless Skin Daily Microdermabrasion Face Scrub. Microdermabrasion treatment are known to improve the skins texture and also reduce the appearance of fine lines. This scrub contains micro-fine mineral crystals that gently exfoliate the skin for a younger looking re-surfaced complexion. This also helps to keep the skin glowing and looking radiant. This scrub also contains camomile, vitamin E and 100% natural extracts. It is formulated without parabens and phthalates. 

To use this scrub I moisten my face with water and then put some of the product on to my fingers and gently massage all over my face. I then rinse off and pat dry with a towel. I use this every other day. I find that using a scrub helps to get rid of any blemishes I have and blackheads. This scrub is gentle enough on my skin and does not cause any irritation.

Have you used any of the St. Ives face scrubs? 


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