Sunday Thoughts | Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day…

I hope you are all enjoying your Valentines Day. Im currently sat in my room finishing off some University work. As some of you may know I’m single, so I’m not really celebrating the whole Valentines Day. Although my mum and I always get each other a little something. This year my mum made me a lovely car and also made me a present. I too made my mum a card and also got her a present. As it’s Valentines Day here are a few things that I am loving: 

The Walking Dead

The one thing I am excited for this Valentines, is the return of The Walking Dead. Oh yes, I’m super excited for this. If you follow me on Twitter you will know how big of a fan I am of The Walking Dead. Just to put it out there, Daryl is my favourite! Without giving away any spoilers or if you haven’t watched the previous season yet, I just really want to know what is going to happen to the group, if you know what I mean. And the new trailer! What’s going to happen there!? So many questions, but all will be answered when I watch the new episode this week. 

Radio Drama

So yeah, this week has been a busy one, but a very enjoyable one. My group and I have been finishing off our Radio Drama project and I spent about 2 days editing it, putting the dialogue in correctly and adding the sound effects etc. My main role for this project was Producer, but I also took on the role of editor, both roles I am very interested in and enjoy. I love listening to radio dramas. I’ve also seen some Zombie ones, so I will be definitely checking them ones out!  


I’ve really been loving Pottermore this week. I got sorted in to Slytherin and that is absolutely fine with me. I’m also really excited about the new script book that is coming out this year. I love everything about the site and there is lots to read. If you are a member of Pottermore, I would love to know what house you are in. 

Z Nation

Yes, that’s right another Zombie TV Show. I just love watching them. This one has slightly the same context as The Walking Dead, but the main character in this does actually hold the cure to the Zombie Virus. Z nation also has some humour in it and some of the things the characters come out with or you see on the screen will make you laugh. Even now thinking about it, I can pick out some of the bits that have made me laugh. There are also some scenes that will make you stop and think and think ‘what the…’ 

Seizure by Kathy Reichs

I recently finished reading Virals by Kathy, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, such a brilliant book. I am now on book 2 called Seizure and this too is a brilliant book. I’ve only recently started reading it and it is so good. I highly recommend checking out the Virals series. Kathy Reichs is also the creator and producer of Bones, (books and TV series) which looks really good too.


Although pancake day is over, I’ve been eating so many pancakes. They are so tasty! I love to put lots of golden syrup on them.


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