Sunday Thoughts | What I Love Most About Christmas

are so many things I love about Christmas. It’s such a magical time of
year. I still get so excited about Christmas day and wake up about five
in the morning! When I was younger I would always wake up really early
and go straight to the landing, where there would be balloons waiting
for me. That’s how I knew Santa had been! I would then go downstairs and
look to see if the mince pie and carrots had gone, that I left out for
Santa and his reindeer. Then I would head straight for the living room
to see what Santa had brought. It’s the little things like that, that I
used to love the most. 

was also sometimes a handmade card left from Santa thanking me for the
treats I left out! My Christmas day usually consists firstly of, giving
and opening presents, followed by watching whatever Christmas programs
and films are on TV. Next it’s time to get ready and start preparing
dinner. My favourite part is spending it with family and also eating the
leftovers of course! Below I have listed a few of my most favourite
things about Christmas.

Christmas films.
love being able to relax at Christmas and chill out and watch some of
my favourite Christmas films. Some of my favourites are, Miracle on 34th
Street, Love Actually, Elf, Home Alone 1 and 2, Muppets Christmas Carol
The Santa Clause films. I just love them so much.

Christmas songs.
made sure I saved my Christmas playlist from last year, so I was all
ready prepared with the Christmas songs at the beginning of December!
They really get me in a Christmassy mood.

Lots and lots of food!
of my most favourite things about Christmas has to be festive food.
Lots of turkey and cranberry sauce! Also I love eating leftover turkey
sandwiches, with cranberry sauce of course.

Christmas TV.
love it when they start putting on the Christmas films on TV. Channel 4
have had a really great selection so far of Christmas films, ones that I
haven’t seen beofre. Some were quite cheesy I must say, but that’s what
makes a great Christmas film, am I right?!

Giving presents.
I really appreciate and I am so grateful for all of the lovely presents
I receive, there’s nothing better than giving presents. I love being
able to surprise my family and friends. 

Spending time with family.
best thing of all about Christmas for me personally, is spending it
with family. Although Christmas can be a bit of a rush and a lot of
running about, it’s so nice to be able to see family you may have not
seen for a while and to spend some time together.

Christmas Jumpers.
Christmas jumpers have been and are out and I’m so excited to wear one
tomorrow on Christmas day. It just helps me feel that little bit more
festive and obviously as it’s Christmas day, it’s got to be done! 

Christmas Lights.
not really seen as many houses with Christmas lights on this year, but
there are still quite a few and especially one house have really out
done themselves. Every year they decorate their house with so many
Christmas lights. Literally their whole house is covered and their
garden and their out-building. There are lights everywhere.
We always make time every year to go and look at them. They always have so many people in their cars stop to look at them.

Five happy things this week.

1. Spending some time with my dad and grandad.
2. Seeing my friend Louise.
3. Doing some Christmas shopping with my mum.
4. Receiving some lovely comments on my blog post in collaboration with Simply Be.
5. Watching Christmas and shows films on TV.

This week I have been working really hard on my Instagram. I reached my goal of 600 followers, my next goal is to reach 1000. So a huge thank you to everyone who is following me. I’m really enjoying Instagram at the moment. I would love it if you could follow me if you are not already, I follow back! You can follow me here

I’ve been getting the last few bits of Christmas shopping done. Thankfully it’s all done now. I’ve just got to do the last little bit of wrapping! I must admit that I’m not the best at wrapping presents, but I try! I also got to see my friend Louise this week, she popped round to see me. We watched some TV and had a good catch-up, which was really nice. Tonight my mum and I are going to a carol service, which I am really looking forward to.

I really hope that you all have a lovely and amazing Christmas. I can’t believe that there is only one more sleep! I’m so excited. 

What are your favourite things about Christmas?


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