Sunday Thoughts


How lovely are these little flowers in the photo above, we get them in the garden every year and they are just so beautiful. They are meant to be pink, but they kind of look more purple. Last week my mum and I went to Sandringham Woods to have a picnic in the woods. I was able to take some lovely photos of some squirrels that came out to say hello and some of the trees in the woods. It’s so relaxing just sitting in the woods listening to all of the birds and seeing the little animals running about. Just thinking about it, makes me want to go there right now.

I’m now officially a second year Audio Production student, Yay. You may have seen on Wednesday’s post that I have started back at University this week. It was so nice to be back again. I’m also really excited to be studying my two options that I have chosen, which are Radio and Sound and Audio for Visual Production. I’ve also got a few ideas for some University posts that will be coming out soon. I travel in to University as I still live at home, so i’ve got a few travel tips coming soon too. I’ve also been trying to get in a better sleep routine. I’m always saying that I’m going to get to bed early and then it just gets later and later! Although Friday night I did actually go to bed at 9:30pm, which I think has to be the earliest I’ve gone to bed in a long time. As I travel in to University, It’s always good to get an early night, that’s definitely something on my list that I need to do. 

Books I am loving 
Here is a list of a few books that I have really been loving recently.

1. Life.Love.Beauty by Keegan Allen.
If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram then you will know how much I love this photo book by Keegan Allen. I also did a blog post on it, Click here to check it out.

2. Make Up: Your life guide to beauty, style and success online and off by Michelle Phan.
I love this book so much. I am huge fan of Michelle Phan, I love her YouTube channel and blog.

3. Deliciously Ella by Ella Woodward.
You can check out my post on this book by clicking here. I am a huge fan of Ella’s, all of the recipes in this book look so delicious.

4. Noise, A Human History of Sound and Listening by David Hendy.
I found out about this book quite a while ago and just had to get it, it was also recommended to us at University. Although I haven’t finished reading it just yet, I am really enjoying it.

5. Hello Life by Marcus Butler.
I just had to get this book whilst on holiday recently. I was so excited when I found out that Marcus was bringing a book out. 

5 Happy Things
I’ve decided to include in this weeks Sunday Thoughts, 5 Happy Things. I think it’s great to think and write about the things that have made us happy. 

1. Starting back at University.

2. Seeing some of my friends that I haven’t seen all summer.

3. My mums vegetable stew and dumplings and fruit crumble.

4. Staying round my dads.

5. Seeing my nan and having some tea with her.

I’ve really been obsessed with vegetables recently, my favourites are butternut squash, mushrooms, potato, broccoli, pak choi and aubergine. I love adding some salmon or tuna steak to the vegetables with some herbs. I’ve noticed that a lot of my recipes recently seem to be desserts, so I’ve decided i’m going to be doing some more main course type recipes.

Looking for something new to make that is dairy, wheat and gluten free, check out my recipes below:

Chocolate and Orange Bread and Butter Pudding
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2 Ingredient Pancakes
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Peanut Butter Cookie
Homemade Dairy Wheat and Gluten Free Bread
Homemade Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free Jam Tarts
Miffy Cookies | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free
Chocolate Chip Brownies | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free

I recently purchased the Simple, Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub. I’m really loving it, i’ve been after a facial scrub for quite a while now, especially one that is perfume free. I got this one from Boots, as it was on offer. I use it once or twice a week as I don’t like to use scrubs too often as I have quite sensitive skin. I’m going to be doing my night time skin routine post very soon.

Here are some of my beauty blog posts – 

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I really hope you have enjoyed this weeks Sunday Thoughts, please leave me your blog links in the comment section below, I love checking out new blogs to read and seeing what you have been up to. Also please let me know what books you have been loving recently, as I’m always looking for new books to read.


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