Sunday Thoughts

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Welcome to another Sunday Thoughts blog post.
After what seemed like summer was almost over, we had some lovely weather yesterday and was a really hot day. Although I am looking forward to autumn, I always think of being snuggled under a warm blanket, drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate and different coloured leaves on the trees outside. I also love Halloween. But hopefully we are still going to have some more lovely days of summer yet. I’m really excited to start back at University in September, I will be in my second year. I can’t believe how quick this last year has gone though! I remember thinking when I was little how slow the days used to go and that I couldn’t wait to be 16 and start college, and now time just seems to have flown by and it doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was saying that! 

Today I wanted to share with you below some photos I recently took in my garden. I’ve really been loving taking photos and It’s something I’m very passionate about. As you may know I recently purchased a Canon 700D, which takes beautiful photos. I’m still practicing though and getting used to how the camera works. I found lots of little caterpillars in my garden and also happened to come across a little fly too.




Like I said I’m still practicing, but I had so much fun photographing these little guys. I also want to save up and get a couple more lenses as I’m currently using the standard one that came with the camera.

Wow, how good were some of those bread designs on The Great British Bake Off on Wednesday! I love bread, I think i’m definitely going to have a go at making something like that but obviously using gluten and dairy free ingredients. I think my favourite had to be Paul’s lion bread. I can’t wait to see next weeks.

Here’s what I’ve recently been baking – 

Banana and Oat Cookies | Dairy. Wheat and Gluten Free
Banana Bread | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free
Vegetable Pasty | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free
2 Ingredient Pancakes
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Peanut Butter Cookie
Homemade Dairy Wheat and Gluten Free Bread
Homemade Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free Jam Tarts
Miffy Cookies | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free
Chocolate Chip Brownies | Dairy, Wheat and Gluten Free

I recently purchased some of Zoella’s Beauty range, click here to see my Mini Zoella Beauty Haul.
I got the Guinea Pig beauty bag, the cosmetic purse and the body mist, which smells amazing, I’ve been wearing it so much and I love it.
I also recently went to Primark and got some more beauty bags, click here to see them. I am obsessed with Disney and just had to buy them. 
I’ve also got a what’s in my make up bag blog post coming very soon which I’m so excited about as I love those types of blog posts myself. The bag I use to put my make up in is the Bambi one.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this weeks Sunday Thoughts and thank you for reading.


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