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If you have read some of my previous book reviews, you will know that I am a huge fan of fantasy and science-fiction novels. I love being taken on a completely new and different adventure. 

Today’s book review is by author Tim Waggoner, who has published over thirty novels including short stories. These also include tie-ins to Supernatural, Stargate SG1, Grimm and Nightmare on Elm Street. This book is available from Titan Books, along with other Supernatural novels.

Supernatural, Mythmaker* by Tim Waggoner, is based on TV show Supernatural. Mythmaker is the new novel by Tim and reveals an unseen adventure for Sam and Dean Winchester, which is set during season 10. 

If you haven’t seen the TV show before, the show focuses on two brothers, who are searching for their father. Along the way they encounter different supernatural forces. The show is now in its eleventh season. I personally haven’t watched the show the before, apart from watching trailers and hearing great things about it. Recently someone recommended I watch Supernatural, so it’s on my list of shows I want to watch. The trailers do look really good, and some of the clips I have seen.

Renee Mendez is a very talented artist who lives in Corinth, Illinois. Renee likes to draw gods who feature in her dreams. What Renee doesn’t realise is that when she draws them onto a canvas, they are actually coming to life in the real world. Sam and Dean Winchester visit the town to investigate what is happening.

The beginning of this book is fast paced and gets straight into the story and starts off with Renee drawing. We soon get to realise what Renee is drawing and what is actually happening. That being, as soon as Renee has finished her piece, it automatically disappears, but doesn’t realise the full extent of what is actually happening. The drawings are coming to life. Renee gets an urge and a vision and starts to draw, she cannot stop until the piece of art is finished. My imagination went wild straight from the beginning, picturing Renee drawing, and the gods who are featured and as we get deeper into the story. I am also really liking the cover of this book, especially as it has San and Dean (from the show) on the front and what appears to be a storm brewing in the background. This really sets the mood for the story straight away.

I won’t say anymore though as it’s definitely a must read. This book is perfect for readers who love fantasy, sci-fi and horror and especially if you are a fan of the show, (which I really want to watch.) I really want to read some of the other Supernatural novels, as I have read some great reviews about them. Supernatural, Mythmaker is out on the 26th July 2016 and is available on paperback and eBook.

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I would love to know if you have read any of the Supernatural novels, or watched the show?

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