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For todays blog post, I want to share with you one of my new favourite body mists. I haven’t really done many perfume/body mist blog posts before, there are so many I have got that I love and I will definitely be sharing them with you on my blog. As this one has only really recently come out I wanted to write a review on it and share my own honest thoughts and opinions, and that is because I love it so much.

I was so excited when I saw that Zoe was releasing a new range of products, especially as I loved the previous range so much. I remember Zoe posted a snipped of one of the products on Twitter and I was constantly guessing what it could be. 

This is actually one of the things I added into my June Favourites blog post, this body mist by Zoella Beauty from the Sweet Inspirations range. I am obsessed and addicted to this body mist. On my June Favourites, I wrote that it sort of makes me get all of these nostalgic feelings every time I smell it. It’s just a smell that I really, really love. (Grabs bottle to sniff.)

The scent of this body mist is lovely and sweet and is inspired by the delicious scent of macarons. It contains sweet almond oil, honey and and cocoa. I haven’t actually tried any of the other products from the Sweet Inspirations range, but I have read so many great things about them. This is definitely one body mist I will continue to buy. I find that the scent lasts a few hours on my skin, which is great. I am a huge fan of the other Zoella Beauty body mist, the Let’s Spritz one, which also smells amazing. I keep them both on my desk, so I can just grab one and spray a little on my wrists and neck. (I’m constantly sniffing my wrist!)

Another thing that I really like about this body mist, is the packaging. Like the other body mists from the Zoella Beauty range, this one comes in a cute decorated glass bottle. With lots of gold detailing I really like the design of the Sweet Inspirations one. I am really loving the pattern on the back that shows through the bottle, which is a light pink colour and gold. Overall I 100% honestly love this body mist.

Another range of body mists that I really want to try, (I have been wanting to try them for a long time now) are the Victoria Secret body mists, as Superdrug now stock them. Please let me know if you have tried any of these? I did smell one in Superdrug and it smelt so good.

Have you tried the Sweet Inspirations Body Mist? Also I would love to know what other body mists you love?

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